Lieutenant Mick Gold

Name: Mick Gold
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Helm Officer/Second Officer USS Galen

Starfleet History
????: Assigned to USS Grissom as Helm Officer
????: Reassigned to USS Excalibur
2376: Reassigned to USS Trident as Chief Helm Officer
2380: Reassigned to USS Galen as Second Officer

Personal History
Gold had an older sister, Leanne, who was also in Starfleet. Gold's Starfleet career included service on the USS Grissom under Captain Norman Kenyon, and the USS Excalibur as gamma shift conn officer under Captain Mackenzie Calhoun. In 2376 Gold transferred to the USS Trident as senior conn officer serving under both Captain Elizabeth Shelby and Captain Katerina Mueller.

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