Gul Madred

Name: Madred
Rank: Gul
Position: Commanding Officer CDS Agiadon

Cardassian Union History
pre 2369: promoted to Gul
2372: Assigned Command of CDS Agiadon

Personal History
As a starving, homeless child living on the streets of Lakat, Madred scavenged for and ate raw taspar eggs, straight from the shell. He later recalled being beaten and having his arm broken by an older boy who stole the eggs, an experience from which he clearly never recovered. As an adult, he came to endorse the Cardassian military establishment, believing that it had the power to eradicate the poverty and violence that plagued Cardassia during his childhood.

Madred later had a daughter named Jil Orra. Although she was very young, Madred allowed her to visit him during Picard's interrogation.

During intensifying hostility between the Cardassian Union and the United Federation of Planets over territorial concessions, Madred captured Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the starship USS Enterprise-D by fabricating evidence of a metagenic weapon on the Cardassian planet Celtris III. There, Madred sought to uncover Starfleet's defense operations for Minos Korva by first drugging, then torturing Picard. Proving himself to be both cunning and brutal, Madred employed unique tactics which he felt stripped his victim of his individuality, stripping Picard of his clothing and referring to him simply as "Human". At the height of his sadism, Madred repeatedly showed Picard four bright lights, telling him that there were in fact five lights. When the captain refused to submit, he was punished: a small device implanted in the captain's chest allowed Madred to inflict pain in any part of the body.

Ultimately, the Cardassians' intentions were exposed and Picard's release was ordered. Despite his best efforts, Madred was not able to successfully break Picard's will - although the captain later admitted that he came perilously close to breaking.

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