Specs for Luna Class

Commissioned: 2379-present

Length: 450m
Beam: 200m
Height: 80m
Mass : 1,400,000 metric tons
Crew : 350

5 x Type VIII phaser arrays, total output 5,000 TeraWatts
3 x Pulse fire quantum torpedo tube with 50 rounds
50 transphasic torpedoes

Defense Systems:
Standard shield system, total capacity 900,000 TeraJoules
Standard Duranium/Tritanium Single hull.
Standard level Structural Integrity Field
Phas Cloak/Standard Cloak

Warp Speeds (TNG scale):
Normal Cruise: 8
Maximum Cruise: 9.975
Maximum Rated: 9.985 for 6 hours

Quantum slipstream drive:
Max Cruise: 300ly/hr
Max Rated: 450ly/hr (6 hours)

Diplomatic Capability: 2
Expected Hull Life: 80

Refit Cycle:
Minor: 2 year
Standard: 2 years
Major: 20 years

Notes: Designed by Dr. Xin Ra-Havreii at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on Mars, the Luna class was intended to exploit the Bajoran Wormhole and carry out exploration missions in the Gamma Quadrant. The Luna project was suspended for the duration of the Dominion war, but once the war was concluded and the Federation began to return to a peacetime basis, production of the ships was resumed. The Luna class ships were not heavily optimised for combat, but rather for long duration missions of peaceful exploration. The class were named for moons, with the first ships all named for moons in the Sol system.

+Deck by Deck Layout

Deck 1: Main Bridge, Captain’s Ready Room, Officer’s Briefing Room, Multi-use offices, Forward Lounge, Escape Pod Access, Aft Bridge Airlock, and Upper Sensor Platform.

Deck 2: Officer's Mess, Senior Officers and VIP Quarters, Executive Officer’s Office Labs and Storage, Upper Sensor Platform Subsystems, Escape Pod Access

Deck 3: Captain's Quarters, Officers' Quarters, and VIP Quarters, Equipment Storage, Torpedo Loading Maintenance, Testing Isolation Chamber, and Turbolift Maintenance.

Deck 4: Crew quarters, Transporters Rooms (2 – 1P/S), Aft Photon Torpedo Launchers, Phaser Maintenance, Forward Sensor Pallet Subsystems, and Escape Pod Access

Deck 5: Sickbay, Primary Sickbay Support Systems (ICU, Biohazard Support, Radiation Treatment Wards, Surgical Ward, Critical Care, Null-Gravity Treatment, Isolation Suites, etc.), Chief Medical Officer's Office, Counselor's Office, VIP Quarters, Crew Quarters, Library, Transporter Pattern Buffers (2 - 1 P/S), Holodecks (2 – 1P/S), Sensor Gear, and Escape Pod Access.

Deck 6:

Deck 7: Crew Quarters, Non-Specific Science Laboratories (8 – 5P/3S) Aux Deflector Control, Aux Computer Core, Escape Pod Access

Deck 8: Aux. Computer Core, Upper Cargo Bays 1 & 2, Labs, Escape Pod Access, RCS Thruster Access

Deck 9: Astrometrics, Chief Science Officer’s Office, Deuterium Processing, Port/Starboard/Forward Docking Ports, ODN/EPS Main Trunks, Lower Cargo Bays 1 & 2

Deck 10: Cargo Loading Doors, Aerowing Shuttle Dock, and Labs

Engineering Section

Deck 6: Deuterium (Matter) Processing, Consumables Resupply Connectors

Deck 7: Deuterium Tankage, Warp Engine Core Injector Access

Deck 8: Deuterium Tankage, Upper Premix Chamber, and Aft Work Pod Storage

Deck 9:

Deck 10: Cargo Loading Doors, Upper Aerowing Shuttle Dock, and Labs

Deck 11:

Deck 12: Main Shuttlebay, Shuttlebay Storage (SB2), Flight Control Center, Aft EV Access Airlock, Main Computer Core, Forward Photon Torpedo Launchers, Reserve Warp Engine Core, And Main Navigational Deflector

Deck 13: Main Engineering, Engineer's Office, Aft Lounge, Warp Core, Auxiliary Warp Engine, Main Computer Core, Main Navigational Deflector

Deck 14: Environmental Control, Antimatter Tankage, Main Deflector Control Systems

Deck 15: Warp Engine Core, Labs, Escape Pod Access, And Secondary ODN/EPS Trunks

Deck 16: Antimatter Processing, Aft Tractor Beam Emitter, Tractor Beam Subsystems, Escape Pod Access, and Ground Hover Footpad Systems

Deck 17: Antimatter Loading Port, Forward Tractor Beam Emitter, Tractor Beam Subsystems, Plasma Relay Control Rooms, and Ground Hover Footpads

Interchangeable Sensor Pod Section

Deck A: Upper Sensor Pod

Deck B: Lower Sensor Pod

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