Lu Rod "4 of 5"

Name: Lu Rod/Lucius of Borg; 4 of 5, Septimary Adjunct: Class 4 Tactical Cube; Unimatrix 0007734
Race: Half-Terran, Half-Mrowan
Gender: Male
Age: 37 (Terran Approximately)
D.O.B.: Unknown
P.O.B.: Unknown
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
Assignment: Chief of Fighter Operations, Starbase Saloon
Marks: Several Mrowan Tattoos; Most Notable Ones On Head; Both Sides.
Special Abilities: Natural Night Vision, Catlike Reflexes, Uncommon Emotional Detachment.
Skills: Objectivity, Tactical, Weapons, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Athletic, Speaks Spanish, English, and Mrowan Fluently.

Mother {Terran}; Gloria, Father {Mrowan}/ No Recollections of His Name and Whereabouts Of Both.
Siblings: No Recollection
Mate: No Recollection
Children: No Recollection

4 has great memory gaps about his past due to Borg Assimilation but does recall his pre-Borg given name as Lu Rod and periodically has brief memory flashback recollections of his life as it used to be on Mrowan; Class M, Humanoid, Dominant DNA: Feline. He was a drone on the now-dormant Borg Cube Unimatrix 0007734 as 4 of 5, to the best of his recollection when he was found unconscious by a USS Tina Away Team led by Captain Aru on Stardate: 02196.9 on Varna II in the Epsilon Quadrant. Despite his link to the Borg Consciousness having apparently been permanently severed, 4 still has several irremovable bio-chip implants {per the Tina's EMH and Chief Engineer} that run the very real, yet highly unlikely, possible risk of "kicking in" the unique subspace frequency emitted by each drone thus forming the cybernetic link to The Collective. 4 definitely has expressed a profound sense of loss to The Collective but has been adapting to his new life, regardless. Very dark-natured, and unusually silent-natured as well but definitely exhibits cold-clear logical purpose and can work in a unit setting though not by individual preference. Does recall being a fervent student of Vulcan Philosophy and reads often on the topic, a favorite credo of his "Structure…..Logic…..Function…..Control…..A Structure cannot stand without a foundation. Logic is the foundation of Function. Function is the essence of Control. I am in Control…..I am in Control…..-Lt.Cmdr. Tuvok; USS Voyager". Every now and then he briefly may recall memories of his mother speaking to him in Spanish or his father in Mrowan, all on his native Mrowan feared assimilated as of yet.

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