Fleet Admiral Leonard James Akaar

Name: Leonard James Akaar
Rank: Fleet Admiral
Position: Starfleet DCinC
Age: 112

Starfleet History
2298: Serving on USS Excelsior as Security Officer
2308: Serving on USS Kuala Lumpur as Second Officer
2349: Promoted to Captain and named Commanding Officer of USS Wyoming
pre 2364: Promoted Rear Admiral
????: Named Head of Starfleet Security
2376: Promoted to Fleet Admiral

Personal History
Akaar was the hereditary leader, or teer, of the Ten Tribes of Capella. Akaar was born in 2267 and was named after Starfleet officers Leonard McCoy and James T. Kirk, who saved his life and the life of his mother Eleen after his father's assassination. When Akaar was five, a coup on Capella IV staged by a man named Keel forced the young ruler into exile in the United Federation of Planets. He served on the USS Excelsior, first as a junior security officer with the rank of Ensign under Lawrence Styles and later under Hikaru Sulu, who was partially responsible for getting the hot-tempered youth admitted into Starfleet Academy, as chief of security. He was onboard the Excelsior during a difficult assignment dealing with the Tholian Assembly and the Neyel in 2298.

By 2308, Akaar had transferred from the Excelsior to become the second officer aboard the Larson-class starship USS Kuala Lumpur. In the year 2349, Akaar was given command of the USS Wyoming, where he had previously served as first officer, following the sudden death of the previous captain, Karl Broadnax. Soon after his promotion, Akaar and Ensign Tuvok (with whom Akaar had served with on the Excelsior forty years prior) were stranded on a barren rock known as Planetoid 437. After nearly two weeks, Akaar decided that the best way to preserve their supplies so that at least one of them would survive was to commit suicide through an ancient Capellan ritual called the w'lash'nogot. Tuvok refused to let his captain die, and saved his life. Akaar saw this disruption of the ancient ritual as a betrayal by his old friend, and the two have not spoken as friends since. Akaar's command of the Wyoming included participation in the Tzenkethi War. By the year 2364, Akaar had been promoted to Admiral. Akaar was one of the Admirals who sentenced Ensign Ro Laren to the stockade on Jaros II following the disastrous incident on Garon II. By May of 2376 , Akaar had been promoted to Fleet Admiral. He spent some time aboard Deep Space 9 that year to observe Bajor's handling of Europani refugees after the Gateways Crisis, and as part of a diplomatic effort working out the final details of Bajor's admittance into the United Federation of Planets. Akaar was a signatory at Bajor's admittance ceremony on September 29, 2376. In Feb 2380, Akaar became the DCinC of Starfleet under Admiral Jellico.

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