Gul Lemec

Name: Lemec
Rank: Gul
Position: Commanding Officer CDS Reklar

Cardassian Union History
pre 2369: Assigned as Commanding Officer CDS Reklar

Personal History
Lemec was a Cardassian gul and commanding officer of the Galor-class warship Reklar. In 2369, Lemec was the Cardassian representative in negotiations with the Federation, represented by Captain Edward Jellico. The Federation suspected that the Cardassians were planning on seizing some disputed planets in Federation territory along their mutual border. When Jellico pointed out the Cardassians were building up ships along the border, Lemec retorted that they were simply conducting training exercises.

Lemec was involved in the plot to kidnap Captain Jean-Luc Picard in order to obtain information on Starfleet ship deployments for the defense of Minos Korva. During later negotiations, Lemec informed Starfleet that Picard had been captured on Celtris III. Lemec offered to release Picard into Federation custody and forget about the incident in exchange for an immidiate withdrawl of all Federation ships from the sector surrounding Minos Korva; a proposal which was rejected by Starfleet. Jellico subsequently discovered that Lemec and his fleet were hiding in the McAllister C-5 Nebula, from where they were preparing an attack on the disputed territories. Lemec's ship and the rest of the Cardassian fleet were mined by a shuttlecraft piloted by William T. Riker. After laying the mines, Captain Jellico ordered Gul Lemec to retreat after ejecting their phaser coils. With no other choice, Lemec agreed; his fleet left the nebula and Picard was released.

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