Laura Janeway

Name: Laura Elizabeth Janeway
Species: ½ Human & ½ Norvalian
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Date of Birth: April 5th, 2378
Place of Birth: USS Voyager
Rank: Captain, Inmate # 20080712
Assignment: Prisoner, Spartan Fleet Prison.
Physical Characteristics: Ridges on the side of each eye and below the chin (obviously inherited from her father Jaffen), who resides on the planet Quarra in the Delta Quadrant. Also she has a birthmark behind her right ear that resembles a small heart. Her eyes are a deep blue, inherited from her mother. Green Eyes, Dark Auburn Hair, 117 lbs. and 5 ft. 6 in..

Mother: Kathryn Janeway
Father: Jaffen
Siblings: None
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Personality: Outspoken, Confident, however, is very stubborn, especially about things such as going for physicals or being in Sickbay for that matter. Has a soft side that few people ever really see except those closest to her, at the moment that only being her mother. Credits her confidence and outspoken nature to her upbringing on Voyager, both from the senior officers (such as Torres, Paris, Kim and Tuvok) and from her mother Kathryn Janeway.

Hobbies: Tennis, Velocity, Hoverball, Gymnastics, 20th Century Terran Novels & Poetry, Horseback Riding, and Swimming.

During Voyager’s journeys, hit a subspace mine that deluged the ship with poisonous tetrion radiation, so Captain Kathryn Janeway ordered the crew into escape pods. Rescued by Quarran raiders they were taken to a Quarran hospital and treated for tetrion poisoning as well as what was called Dysphoria Syndrome. During the procedure, their minds were altered to make them believe they were on the planet, Quarra, by choice. Captain Janeway no longer knowing who she was fell in love and moved in with Jaffen, a Norvalean. After her rescue by Chakotay, Ensign Kim, LT Torres and the Doctor, she returned to the ship and discovered she was pregnant. After much debate with herself and her senior staff, she decided to keep the child and nine months later, Laura Elizabeth was born. She would be a constant reminder of a period when Kathryn Janeway had fallen in love with Jaffen. Laura Marie was granted every chance to succeed by a very loving crew of Voyager. When they did return after ADM Janeway returned to the past to change the Voyager’s future, Laura Elizabeth, would enter into the Starfleet Academy and excel throughout her career until she would receive her first command, the USS Miracle, NCC 501.

Although Laura has never really had many relationships, other than friends, she has had one romantic relationship that didn’t last very long. One such relationship with a man named Thomas Kilpatrick (an up and coming pilot) while attending Starfleet Academy. They were quite close friends and had only been serious for a few months when, during a flight training exercise, Thomas was killed in a collision. This of course devastated Laura, who spiraled into a state of depression, until pulled out of it, naturally by her mother who had experienced a similar event and was convinced she was witnessing the same result in Laura.

Not one to let something like this slow her down, after a few months of counseling got back into the swing of things at the Academy and was soon again towards the top of her class. Since the death of Thomas, Laura has however remained isolated from romantic relationships until the current day, when she was offered command of the USS Miracle NCC 23501.

Starfleet Career

Starfleet Academy
Ranks: Cadet (Year 1-4)
Timeframe: 2396-2400
Graduated with honors in the top 5% of her graduating class. Given high remarks by several Admirals, including Admiral Owen Paris, Admiral Picard, as well as from her mother, Admiral Kathryn Janeway.

USS Al-Batani
Ranks: Ensign-Lieutenant JG
Position: Assistant Science Officer
Timeframe: 2400-2404
Commanding Officer: Captain Mark Williams

USS Pegasus
Ranks: Lieutenant JG- Lieutenant
Position: Assistant Chief Science Officer
Timeframe: 2404-2406
Commanding Officer: Captain Raymond Thompson

USS Nighthawk
Ranks: Lieutenant- Lt. Commander
Position: Chief Operations Officer
Timeframe: 2406-2408
Commanding Officer: Captain Rachel O’Neill

USS Starlight
Ranks: Lt. Commander-Commander
Position: Chief Operations (2nd Officer), eventually promoted to First Officer of the USS Starlight.
Timeframe: 2408-2412
Commanding Officer: Captain Elliot Davidson

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