Commander Sela

Name: Sela
Rank: Commander Klingon Defense Force
Position: First Officer IKS Gorkon
Hair Color: Blonde
Age: 27

Klingon Defense Force History
2367: Commander First Officer
2372: Assigned to IKS Gorkon as First Officer

Personal History
Sela was born on Qu'noS in the year 2345 to a human NaTasha Yar and a Klingon Ja'Rod and grew up in her father's private compound on Qu'nos surface. In 2349, when she was four years old, her mother tried to sneak her out of the compound and back to Federation space. Sela, not wanting to be separated from her beloved father and the only life she ever knew, cried out for the guards who captured Tasha, who was then executed in front of Sela. This led Sela to believe that her humanity was a weakness that would be her downfall and stood by this belief all her life. She was the youngest of four children having one brother, Duras and two sisters Lursa and B'Etor.

She reached the rank of commander by 2367 and was influential in the Senate and military councils. Given a high-profile mission to destroy the Romulan Empire by any means necessary, Sela initially tried to have an influential Romulan governor who was hostile to the Federation assassinated. This would have inevitably led to war as it would confirm his anti-Federation opinions, especially if the influential Romulan Ambassador, who was really a Klingon collaborator vouched for him in his memory. To this end, she intercepted the shuttlecraft commanded by Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge and brainwashed him to become her unwilling assassin. Unfortunately, the plan failed when Lieutenant Commander Data realized the plot and warned everyone in time to stop Geordi. While the Ambassador was saved (and now convinced of the Federation's good intentions), the collaborator was arrested and later executed.

Shortly thereafter, Sela then sought to use the Romulans own political instability to her advantage. Aided by her siblings and some Klingont sympathizers in the Romulan Empire, she plotted to unleash a civil war that would consume the Empire and leave the Federation's position weakened without Romulan military support. The conflict quickly spread throughout Romulan space, with ships loyal to the Klingons winning almost every engagement. However, the Federation, convinced by Juhl that the Duras forces were receiving outside support, sent a fleet to blockade the Klingon-Romulan border and choke off the supply chain. The civil war ended in favor of Federation-supportive forces under the Praetor, effectively destroying any remaining influence the Duras family had in Romulan politics and turning the Duras siblings into wanted renegades.

During an encounter with Voyager Sela attempted to escape from the Bird of Prey she and her sisters were on that was destroyed by Voyager and a Prometheus from a different quantum reality. Her escape was cut short as she her shuttle was tractored into the Prometheus shuttle bay and she was placed under arrest. The Prometheus was forced to slide before she could be returned to Voyager to stand trial for her crimes. She was kept in the brig the duration of the Prometheus slide mission and once Prometheus returned home she was to be sent to Rura Penthe. It was at the pleading of her brother from a different quantum reality that got her a position in the Klingon Defense Force on a trial basis.

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