Doctor Kes

Name: Kes
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Medical Officer USS Odyssey
Age: 10

Starfleet History
2371: Serves on Voyager as Field Medic & Nurse as Civilian
2372: Enters Starfleet Medical Academy
2377: Graduates Starfleet Medical Academy
2378: Assigned to USS Voyager as Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2379: Reassigned to USS Odyssey as Chief Medical Officer

Personal History
Kes was born on Ocampa in 2369. She belonged to a species that had telepathic abilities and a normal lifespan of only nine years. Kes' father, to whom she was very close and whom she considered the greatest inspiration in her life, died not long after her first birthday. She still thought about him and often felt his presence when she needed guidance. When she was born, her mother expressed a wish that she would one day see the sun. Like most Ocampa, Kes was brought up underground, as her planet's surface had became a barren wasteland due to a catastrophic event and was unsuitable for habitation. Her yearning to see the outside world led her to leave the city in 2371 through some ancient tunnels. However, upon reaching the surface, she was captured by members of the Kazon-Ogla sect, who had established a camp near the city. There, she was mistreated and tortured for information regarding the entrance to the city. The Kazon were a crude and rather technologically deficient race and finding a way to the fruitful underground oasis of the Ocampa city would have provided them with abundant resources. During her time with the Ogla, she met the Talaxian Neelix and the two fell in love. Neelix promised to rescue her. He managed this with the aid of Captain Juhl's Voyager and Chakotay's Maquis crew that had been transported to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker's Array. In return, Kes agreed to help them retrieve crewmembers that had been sent to the Ocampa city for care, after the experiments the Caretaker had done on them. After the Array – which could have taken Voyager back to the Alpha Quadrant – had to be destroyed by Juhl so that the Ocampa would not fall victim to the ruthless Kazon, Kes and Neelix asked to join the Voyager crew on their journey, promising to serve the ship and its crew as valuable crewmembers. Juhl was able to get the Array to send them most of the way home before it was destroyed.

As one of her first acts on Voyager, Kes volunteered to establish a hydroponics garden in cargo bay two in order to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to allow for more variety in meals for the crew. Her requirement of nitrogenated soil for her garden from sickbay started her friendship and sympathy with The Doctor. Shortly after joining the crew, Kes began to exhibit some of the mental powers her species had long since lost. Kes quickly settled in to life aboard Voyager and began growing vegetables in her hydroponics bay. She also began to study medicine under The Doctor in order to become The Doctor's nurse. Soon Kes started to help The Doctor in sickbay. She was shocked at the way The Doctor was treated by the crew. After explaining the situation to Captain Juhl, the captain agreed with her. Juhl told The Doctor that he was a member of the crew and he gave him control of the deactivation of his program. The Doctor found Kes' intellectual curiosity intriguing, and in the course of instructing her in her medical studies, he postulated that Kes had an eidetic memory. With Kes acting as his medical assistant, this gave Voyager a physician that could act as a medic in cases where patients couldn't be immediately transferred to sickbay, also allowing The Doctor to be kept offline rather than be constantly activated to deal with any minor injuries. Despite her respect for his lessons, Kes also lectured The Doctor on his bedside manner; when The Doctor programmed a holographic "flu" to better his bedside manner, Kes secretly modified it to last longer than the expected duration, telling him that "it wouldn't be an effective lesson" if he knew when his illness would end.

In mid 2372 Kes was transported to the USS Prometheus right before it was forced to slide from her home quantum reality. Growing jealous of the budding relationship between Tom Paris and Kes despite the fact that Kes was in a happy relationship with Captain Juhl Harry transported Kes to the Prometheus after knocking her out to get her out of his way. After returning to the Prometheus' home quantum reality Kes entered Starfleet Medical Academy . She completed the eight year program in five years thanks to her eidetic memory. While other members of Starfleet had memory abilities similar to Kes they did not have as short a life span so Starfleet allowed her to graduate early. Upon graduation she was assigned to the relaunched USS Voyager under Captain Chakotay. In late 2379 she was reunited with Juhl, albeit to her his double, from the quantum reality she was in now when she was reassigned to the Odyssey to be the Chief Medical Officer.

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