Commander Kurak

Name: Kurak
Rank: Lieutenant Klingon Defense Force
Position: Chief Engineer IKS Gorkon

Klingon Defense Force History
2372: Joins Klingon Defense Force Rank Lieutenant and named Chief Engineer IKS Gorkon

Personal History
Kurak, daughter of Haleka was a female Klingon in the 24th century. She was a member of the House of Palkar, one of the oldest and most noble of the Klingon Great Houses. She was one of four children, and the only daughter. She was a warp field specialist and expert in the field of subspace morphology. However, her efforts went unappreciated by much of Klingon society, and as such she developed a hostile and defensive attitude when working with other scientists.

Prior to the outbreak of the Dominion War, Kurak worked at the Science Institute on Mempa V under the legendary engineer Makros. In 2366, the Journal of Applied Warp Mechanics published a paper by Kurak (translated from tlhIngan Hol) on altering shield configuration. Kurak was present aboard the Enterprise-D in 2369 to witness the testing of Dr. Reyga's metaphasic shielding. The shielding worked, although it was initially sabotaged. Kurak nearly had a physical altercation with Reyga after the first failure of the technology, and made a threat against his life. Dr. Beverly Crusher suspected Kurak may have been the saboteur and that she later murdered Reyga to pursue the technology for herself, but she was cleared when Dr. Jo'Bril was revealed to be responsible. Kurak continued to resent Crusher for years after the incident. Kurak was the main designer of the IKS Negh'Var, the prototype of the Negh'Var-class, which launched in 2372.

With the outbreak of the war, Kurak's father insisted she leave her civilian life and join the Klingon Defense Force. She was given a field commission as Commander and was assigned to the newly launched IKS Gorkon during the war.

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