Name: Krothos
Gender: Male
Species: Klingon
Age: 44
D.O.B.: February 10, 2349
Rank: Ambassador
Assignment: Klingon Renegade Leader/Ambassador, Starbase Saloon
Marks: Bat'leth wound between two lowest left ribs (Training accident).
Abilities: Pyrokenitic.

Toraq (Deceased. Killed by Torral's forces.)
Mother: K'Larra (Deceased. Killed by Torral's forces.)
O/B: At'Tek (Deceased. Klingon/Cardassian War.)
Y/B: Pek'ToS
Y/S: Don'Tay (Deceased. Killed by Torral's forces.)
Uncle: Chancellor Martok (Deceased. Killed by Torral.)
Spouse: Ivy Cain (Chinese, Human. Killed by Romulans), & Lothar.
Children: (2 dead unborn sons: 1 Ivy's, 1 Lothar's), Kahless, & Lina (both from Lothar).

Academy Major: Security (2nd in Class)
Academy Minor: Engineering (14th in Class)

February 10, 2349 Krothos son of Toraq (Martok's older brother) and K'Larra was born on Qo'noS. He went through Klingon Schooling until age 15. Krothos was then drafted by the Klingon Imperial Intelligence, (K.I.I.). At age 26, Krothos resigned from the K.I.I. Krothos join Starfleet, they let him in at 27. He took classes on Security, Engineering, Piloting, Command, & Transporter control. He met Ivy shortly after joining Starfleet Academy, and they married shortly before he graduated.

His first assignment was aboard the USS Saloon. Since Borg Defence Force was considered at war, promotions went quick. He went from Ensign to Lt.(jg), Lt., & Lt.Cmdr.. About 1 1/2 years later on rounds he spotted a suspicious looking Vulcan (Android body with a real Vulcan Brain). He followed, then chased the Vulcan is some quarters, Where Admiral V'Pier was with a few Fed-Intel Security Officers, it was learned the Vulcan was called Gruvic. Krothos was drafted into Fed-Intel, he and Gruvic became best friends. About 4 months later while he was on a covert operation, his best friend Gruvic went to get Ivy for him. The shuttle carrying Gruvic, Ivy, and his unborn child was attacked by a Romulan Warbird, they had no chance. Krothos shortly after destroyed the Warbird. Krothos was then transferred to Starbase 51.

After he finished the Academy we became an (Acting) Ensign (for 3 months) and was assigned on board the USS Independence as Assistant Chief of Security. About 2 months later the Independence was put on Stand-by, Krothos was then assigned to Starbase Freedom as Sector Assistant Chief of Security. Then made Alpha Sector Chief of Security. A month later Promoted to full Ensign. Two months after that he was promoted to Lt.(jg) and made Acting Second Officer in the Absence of Damar. Then he was Promoted to full Lt. & shortly after that he finally married Lothar, who was Promoted to Ensign just before the wedding. He made Security Chief/Executive Officer. He and Lothar then had a son named Kahless. Lothar was promoted to Lt(jg). Krothos later resigned from his Security job and became a full time Executive Officer. Shortly after was Promoted to Lt.Cmdr. and made Commanding Officer of Starbase Freedom. He was later promoted to Commander. Then made Captain and took on a Second job as Assistant Alpha Sector Coordinator. And also given Command of the IKS Blood Thirst. Shortly after, there was a mass resignation from Fed-Intel. Krothos & Lothar were among those who left. Krothos took the IKS Blood Thirst with him.

The Resigners created a new Organisation. AQA, the Alpha Quadrant Alliance. After a short while they had Lina. In 2390 the Klingon Empire went into a second civil war. Torral killed Martok, and made himself the new Emporor. Krothos went to Starbase Saloon as Ambassador of the side that follows the house of Martok. He is also the leader of those Klingons he represents. He left Kahless & Lina with their mother, Lothar, on Planet Alpha. Though they later joined him on Starbase Saloon. During Survic's arresting UFP President Stark, Krothos assumed command of Starbase Saloon, renaming it Starbase Qo'noS 1.

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