Krista Johnson

Name: Krista E. Johnson
Nickname: Lizzy
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 51
D.O.B: May 17, 2343
P.O.B: Bismark, North Dakota
Rank: Lieutenant
Service Number: SCI23940919
Assignment: Chief Science Officer, USS Voyager-D
Special Abilities: I can research anything if I have the right resources in sight.
Skills: I am capable at finding information that is needed and also looking at something and finding clues to figure what it is.

Katherine and Gary Johnson.
Siblings: Gretchen Johnson, Alisha Robison, Ava Johnson
Spouse: Joseph Roberts
Children: 0

Krista E. Johnson was born on May 17, 2343 in Bismark, North Dakota, Earth. Her parents are Katherine and Gary Johnson. Krista also has three sisters and one brother in law. And also a nephew who is Charles Robison, his parents is Alisha and Chuck Robison residing in Geneva, New York Earth. Her oldest sister Gretchen Johnson teaches Latin in Ohio. Finally her littlest sister Ava resides in Chicago IL with her parents to finish her senior year in high school. After graduating in 2389, Krista enters Starfleet Academy. While at the academy she refined and expanded her researching skills. Once graduated from the academy. Starfleet sent her to an outpost in Australia to help with the scientific research there. Krista is looking to transfer to a ship, she wants to put her skills to use where it is needed. Out in space to challenge and explore and gain new knowledge for Starfleet and science community. In 2394, she was accepted as Chief Science Officer of the USS Voyager-D.

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