Name: Kral
House: Mok
Sex: Male
Race: Klingon of Course
Homeworld: Qo’noS
Age: 21
Hight: 6"3'
Weight: 220lb
Position: Chief Gunner/Second Officer, IKS Lokat Mur'An.
Rank: ra'wI' Sogh (Lieutenant Commander)
Personality: Strong Warrior, known to think to much though. Can be Competative in some situations, but knows his place. Causious, but intellegent. Usualy doesn’t judge what he hasn’t experienced. Finds almost every woman attractive.
Physical Characteristics: Well built lean body. Dark brown eyes. Beard in traditional style worn by warriors but not very thick yet. Tattoo of a charging wild Targ on his back over a long scar supposedly made in his first hunt. Long reddish brown hair 6 inches past shoulders. Very pronounced Klingon crest hooding eyes.

is K’Mar a Mok’bara Master and taught him Mok’bara at a young age.
Father was Mok yo’ ‘aj and died in Dominion War, betrayed by Gowron

Born and raised on Qo’noS.
Age 6: Went on First Hunt
Age 11: First Battle 2 days before Age of Ascension.
Age 16: Entered Klingon Fleet Acadamy, following in his Fathers path.
Excelled in Hand to Hand Combat and Tactical Skills.
Entered the ranks as Lagh and made his way up during Dominion War.

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