Centurian Kelaul

Name: Kelaul
Rank: Centurian
Position: Engineer USS Titan

Romulan Empire History
2368: Uhlan assigned to IRW Decius
2370: Promoted to Sub Lieutenant
2374: Promoted to Lieutenant and named Chief Engineer
2377: Promoted to Centurian
2378: Reassigned to IRW Dekkona
2379: Assigned to USS Titan as Engineer

Personal History
Kelaul was born in the city of Retag on Romulus. As soon as she was old enough she joined the Romulan Military. Her first assignment was on board the IRW Decius where she rose in the ranks over ten years before getting transferred to the Dekkona to be it's Chief Engineer. In 2379 she was pulled from the Dekkona and placed on the Federation ship Titan as part of an officer exchange program and to help build towards peace between the Federation and Romulans. Despite her rank being equivalent to Lieutenant Commander she was not the Chief Engineer or Assistant Chief Engineer meaning Lieutenant Baars was above her in the engineering hierarchy.

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