Lieutenant Kate Melton

Name: Kate Melton
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Security Chief USS Curie
Age: 27

Starfleet History
2369: Enters Starfleet Academy
2373: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2374: Assigned to USS Eisenhower as Security Officer
2375: Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade
2377: Named Assistant Security Chief
2378: Promoted to Lieutenant
2379: Reassigned to USS Curie as Security Chief

Personal History
Kate Melton was born on Earth in the United States in the year 2352. Growing up in Kansas City, KS Kate always knew she wanted to explore the stars as a member of Starfleet. At 17, Kate left KS for Starfleet Academy electing to major in security. Kate excelled at the Academy and made lots of friends while she was in there. Her first assignment was to the USS Eisenhower where she met and became very close with Christine Vale. The two women were so close some personnel on the Eisenhower thought the two were lovers. When Christine was transferred to the Curie she brought Kate with her to be the relief tactical officer on Alpha Shift giving Kate bridge time with the Alpha Shift anytime Christine went on an away mission.

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