Name: Kat'ara house Martok
Race: Klingon
Gender: Female
Age: 22
D.O.B.: July 5 2353
P.O.B.: Qo’noS
Height: 5’9’’
Weight: 135
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Rank: ra'wI' (Commander)
Assignment: Executive Officer, IKS Lokat Mur'An.
Marks: Dragon tattoo on her back.
Special Abilities: She has the uncanny ability to tell if someone is lying.
Skills: Self-defense: Hand to hand combat Tactical, Weapons, Expert with weapons of all kinds, Expert marksman and 3rd level Dahar Master.

(Father) Kahir House Kor & (Mother) Kora House Kor
Siblings: (Brothers) Kurn and Mogh
Mate: Pek'ToS tai Martok
Children: Kelzia (Daughter, 4) October 3, 2374

She Lived mostly on the Klingon home world with her mother and Father. She started serving the empire as a Security/Ops officer at the age of 18 on a few different ships. IKV Gortuk and IKV Vengeance. Married Sep. 15, 2374 to Pek’ToS, they had mated a few months before but he was called away on his ship on a mission. While he was gone Kat’ara found out she was with child. Since Pek'ToS had not come back she went to her next posting without telling anyone of the baby until Pek'ToS hunted her down. Once he saw her, there was fire in his eyes that she had not sent word of his child and right in front of her everyone in the mess hall he said the Klingon Marriage oath then she was transferred to the IKS Mar'duk. Over a year later she became the Executive Officer of her husband's new ship, the IKS Lokat Mur'An.

Speaks various languages, fluent in Federation standard, Orion, and Romulan can speak a few others but can curse in most languages and does often.

Majored in Security/Tactical, Defensive Strategies.

Minors in Medical, computers, sensors, and Damage control procedures. Negotiation techniques, Diplomatic Protocols, Security Systems, Self Defense, Survival Training, Piloting.

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