Katanna Rominoff

Name: Katanna Rominoff
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 32
D.O.B.: Unknown, was found in an escape pod from an unknown vessel. She's left it at the date she was found, which was March(the third month) 7th(7th day), and then she subtracted the number of years she was to get 2353.
P.O.B.: Assumed space born from age when she was found and from how far she was from any galaxy, let alone one with a habitable planet.
Rank: Captain
Assignment: Chief of Engineering, Starbase Saloon
Marks: Raven hair, eyes which range from emerald green to jet-black (if her eyes are jet-black, run, very, very fast!), she is very good looking and sometimes finds it quite an annoyance, and on her left arm she has a scar running from the middle of her palm to just above her elbow. On her right arm she has an odd snake-like tattoo, starting with the tip of its tail just below the nail of her index finger, the thin part of its body wrapped about her finger 2 times counter-clockwise (if you are looking from her perspective) before going diagonally to the right knob of her wrist (on the back of her hand side where that bone makes a bump on the right) and spiralling up her arm 7 times until the head of it rests on the top of her right shoulder. The snake looks like an unusually uniform (in body size) Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, except for the facts that it is in varying shades of blue and that it has no rattle but a thin 8" worth of tail-tip. She'd had this tattoo and the scar when she was found, and no matter how hard the doctors tried to remove it, the tattoo kept on returning, so after 2 attempts, they gave up and left her to it.

Telepathy (medium strength) ex.:

Stun Knocks the person it is aimed at, unconscious usually.
Suggestion Can convince a being of nearly anything.
Communicate Talk mind-to-mind with humans or animals.
Illusion Make something moving or unmoving seem to be something else in the affected beings eyes.

Telekinesis (strong) ex.:

Manipulation Ability to manipulate objects like turn a doorknob, flip a switch, etc.
Movement Move other objects with mind, ex. Lift and throw an object, or bring an object to you, someone else, or somewhere else.
Telekinetic bullet Ability to hurl a 10gm object as if it was fired it from a .44 Magnum revolver.

Skills: Her grades in the engineering classes are some of the highest. Graduate of the Starfleet academy with honours abound. Can fix damn near anything that she can get her pretty hands on. She was space born so she knows all the bits of a starship from top to bottom. She lived on the USS Goldengale until she was barely even old enough to go to Starfleet. Got into Starfleet academy at a little after her 16th birthday. Whereupon the Goldengale and all hands were promptly destroyed by a race unknown which she has been tracking and is the single most informed on them, their ships, defences, weaponry, everything in relation to their ships, weaponry, defences, and the like. She built, designed, and created a pair of AI(Artificial Intelligence)'s. One goes by the name of Thanatos, whom is her main AI, which is within her quarters at all times since Than is not all that portable. The second AI, by the name of Chronos, her palmtop AI whom once was a tricorder and a PADD intermingled and heavily altered. Has a black belt in nearly every martial art she could get into. Got into most martial arts at a very young age, about 3 years old.

Unknown, presumably deceased.
Siblings: None.
Mate: None.
Children: None
Other: Darkness, the jet-black wolf.

Got almost instantly assigned to Starbase Saloon as Assistant Chief of Engineering, and has been living up to the highest standards that are possible. She's been climbing in the ranks and is the CENG. 5'6" tall. Her build is strongly muscled but she doesn't look it. Quite athletic, and has a sense of balance that is wonderful. Ambidextrous. She is very loyal to the people that she works with. Occasionally slips into Russian, or one of her other languages when speaking to others. Her eyes, which are normally an emerald green, vary in the shade of green, from the emerald green when she is in her usual temperment to jet-black when she's really ticked off. Learned a wide range of languages fluently: English, Russian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French and Spanish being the ones only from Earth. She learns very quickly, and keeps it in memory permanently. She is currently working on Vulcan, Cardassian, and umpteen others.

She moves with deadly grace that was inborn into her by training and tragedy when she is agitated or otherwise, otherwise she moves with a cat-like grace. Never has had much luck with associating with other people, works better with animals than with people. It isn't that she isn't good looking, she has that in spades, and her personality has not much lacking, but she is a loner, mostly preferring her wolf, Darkness's company to anyone else. Most people do not understand her in the least. Her odd life started by being found by a starship Captain. Her vessel previous to the Goldengale is unknown to her, only having her wolfish companion around. She was raised as the Captain's daughter until she was 16 when she was informed of her known lineage and then promptly went to Starfleet Academy. Her foster father was killed in a fight against unknown ships, where they were terribly outnumbered and it ended up with the entire ship and all hands being destroyed. Ever since she has been terrified of losing more people that become close to her or she to them, so she tries to avoid getting close to anyone, for fear of them being killed or hurt because of her. She is more of a lone wolf in spirit, she doesn't often socialize unless ordered to but even then it's a gamble as to whether she obeys or not. Deadly if you either push her or if you were to threaten her or any of the people that she works with, let alone trusts or loves. Has a ferocious temper that she usually keeps under rein. The only animal she has is a wolf that is always with her. Darkness is jet black in colour, and is sweet to Kat, but protective of her.

Kat became rather attached to Commander Charlie Hamilton, in more ways than one :). He was promoted to Captain shortly after. She has also been promoted to Commander. Charlie has gotten an offer to Captain a Starfleet vessel, which he took and left the Saloon.

Recently promoted to Captain.






Prisoner Of War


NAME: Erin

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