Karen Harriman

Name: Karen Renee O’Neill
Age: 28
Race: Human/Bajoran
Date of Birth: June 12
Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland (Earth in the Terran Solar System)
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 117 lbs.
Eye Color: Green (kind of emerald like)
Hair Color: Dark Auburn
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Assignement: Chief Medical Officer, USS Voyager-D
Hobbies: Horseback Riding, Swimming, Reading 20th century novels & poetry, Gymnastics (for which she’s really talented), hoverball, velocity, and tennis.
Physical Appearance: Slender Build, Freckles on her nose & cheeks, eyes like emeralds (in color), and a tiny birthmark behind her left ear shaped like a heart.
Personality: Quiet & Soft spoken, but can be loud when the situation calls for it. A good judge of character, but quite stubborn. A rather private person, it takes a lot for her to open up about herself to anyone.

Captain Patrick O’Neill
Mother: Laren Baliya (Bajoran, deceased)
Half Brother: Jack O’Neill
Marital Status: Married to Captain James Harriman Jr..
Children: Annabell "Anna" Riley Harriman (Step-Daughter; Age: 3). Rachel & Rebecca Harriman (Twin Daughters; Aged 0).

Born on Bajor to her bajoran mother and human father on June 12. When her mother died suddenly of a rare disease when Karen was 5, she went to live on earth with her father Patrick O’Neill and then 13 year old half brother Jack. Due to her father’s violent temper and drinking he had been kicked out of Starfleet and got a job at a local factory near their home in Indiana. Thanks to her half brother, she was able to be shielded from their father’s outbursts, although Jack took the brunt of things until Karen was about 13 herself and Jack had left to attend Starfleet Academy. When she was about 16 she applied for early entrance to Starfleet Academy and due to her being so bright she was accepted and completed the Academy when she was 19 years old, only a year older than most people when they started at Starfleet Academy.

Graduating at the top of her class from Starfleet Academy, a graduation of which only her half brother Jack attended, Karen was assigned to the USS Gemini as Assistant Medical Officer where she stayed for 4 years before transferring to the USS Maverick, spending 3 years before transferring to the USS Voyager-D, being promoted to Lieutenant shortly before her transfer.

Karen hasn’t had many relationships, being totally devoted to her work, being her patient. She’s tried her hand at relationships, but it’s never seemed to work out for one reason or another…usually related to her seemingly quiet personality and inability to open up to people in any capacity other than professionally.

Service Record:
USS Gemini - Ensign, Asst. Medical Officer- 4 yrs.
USS Maverick - Ensign > Lieutenant, Assistant Chief Medical-3 yrs.
USS Voyager-D - Lieutenant > Lieutenant Commader, Chief Medical Officer - Present Assignment.

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