Julianna Reed

NAME: Julianna Renee Reed
AGE: 28
D.O.B.: May 15, ????
P.O.B.: Belfast, Ireland
HEIGHT: 5 feet 5 inches
WEIGHT: 117 pounds
RANK: Lieutenant
ASSIGNMENT: Chief Medical Officer, USS Exeter
HOBBIES: Horseback Riding, Tennis, Velocity, Reading 20th Century Novels/Poetry, Rock Climbing, and Gymnastics.
PERSONALITY: Generally quiet but outgoing nature. Has a stubborn streak a mile long. Easy to get along with but doesn’t easily open up about herself.
PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Heart shaped birthmark behind her left ear as well as another small birthmark on the small of her back (not many would know about it unless they were really close to her).
LIKES: Reading of her 20th century novels & poetry, riding horses, doing her gymnastics and the occasional rock climbing. Also loves going to the beach when its possible.
DISLIKES: Thunderstorms and Dishonesty.

Ret. ADM Patrick S. Reed
MOTHER: Ret. CAPT Eileen N. Reed
BROTHERS: Patrick S. Reed Jr.
SISTERS: Claire, and Rachel

ACADEMY MAJOR: Medical & Science
ACADEMY MINOR: Helm/Navigation and Operations


Assignment Rank Position Dates
USS Pegasus Cadet Cruise Medical Officer TBA
USS Marigold Ensign to Lieutenant(JG) Assistant Medical Officer TBA
Starbase 155 Lieutenant(JG) to Lieutenant Assistant Chief Medical Officer TBA
USS Exeter Lieutenant Chief Medical Officer TBA - Present
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