Name: Jovan
Position: Civilian USS Lexington
Age: 8

Personal History
Jovan was born in 2372 and was the second child of Banaren, he was born after Benaren died and after Kes made her way to the surface, making him the brother to Kes. Like all other Ocampa for the past five hundred generations he grew up underground. After his sister was rescued by Voyager and she returned underground to help rescue Ensign Kim and B'Elanna Torres he was to young to have met his sister. After the death of the Caretaker it was a time of panic and fear among the Ocampa who didn't know how to survive without the Caretaker providing for them. No one was more surprised when his sister arrived home in 2376 much older looking than she should have been. After Ocampa was destroyed in 2379 JOvan joined his sister on the Lexington instead of joining the Ocampans that survived the destruction on New Ocampa.

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