Counselor Jolin Roma

Name: Jolin Roma
Rank: Commander
Position: Chief Counselor USS Galen
Age: 50

Starfleet History
2348: Enters Starfleet Academy
2352: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2353: Assigned to USS Horatio as Assistant Counselor
2356: Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade
2357: Reassigned to USS Melbourne as Counselor
2361: Promoted to Lieutenant
2365: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2366: Reassigned to USS Olympic
2372: Promoted to Commander
2380: Reassigned to USS Galen

Personal History
Growing up on Betazed Jolin was neighbors to the Troi's. While he was not friends with Deanna growing up he was older and they did grow up together until Jolin left for Starfleet Academy when he was eighteen. In fact Jolin was only a few months older than Deanna's older sister Kestra. At the Academy Jolin elected to become a Counselor and after his graduation he was assigned to the Horatio as an Assistant Counselor. After four years on the Horatio Jolin was transferred to the Melbourne to be the Counselor. As fate would have it Jolin transferred off the Melbourne just a few months before the ship was destroyed with all hands lost at Wolf 359. Jolin enjoyed his time on the Olympic the first of a class of exclusive medical ships. He left the Olympic in early 2380 for the USS Galen another newly launched hospital ship to be part of Project Full Circle.

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