John Barnes

John Barnes is the man behind the Survic, James Harriman Jr., Pek'ToS, Zylyn, Strek, Krothos, Dr. Gregory House, Shraq, Slavic Kellar and Geordi La Forge persona's.

Status in Fleet

Alias: Survic
Rank: Fleet Admiral
Position: Commander in Chief

Previous Command Council Positions

Deputy Commander in Chief
Director of Fleet Operations
Task Force Commanding Officer - Task Force Omega


Starbase Saloon = December 2001 - Present
IKS Lokat Mur'An = August 2004 - Present
Our USS Voyager = May 2007 - Present
Battlestar Galactica = 2006 - 2007

Contact Information

AIM: JimSheriden
YIM: survic84015
MSN: moc.liamtoh|51048sohtork#moc.liamtoh|51048sohtork
GoogleTalk: moc.liamg|10448civrus#moc.liamg|10448civrus
E-Mails: moc.oohay|cnic_teelfnatraps#moc.oohay|cnic_teelfnatraps, moc.oohay|noolasesabrats#moc.oohay|noolasesabrats, moc.oohay|narumtakolski#moc.oohay|narumtakolski, moc.oohay|51048civrus#moc.oohay|51048civrus, moc.liamg|10448civrus#moc.liamg|10448civrus, moc.liamtoh|51048sohtork#moc.liamtoh|51048sohtork.

Characters in the Fleet

Survic Commanding Officer Starbase Saloon
James Harriman Jr. Commanding Officer Our USS Voyager
Pek'ToS Commanding Officer IKS Lokat Mur'An
Shraq Executive Officer USS Corypheus
Strek MACO Commanding Officer Starbase Saloon
Zylyn MACO Commanding Officer Our USS Voyager
Slavic Kellar Chief Operations Officer USS Enterprise-G
Dr. Gregory House Chief Medical Officer Starbase Saloon
Geordi La Forge Engineering Staff Star Trek: TNG

Real BIO

NAME: John Adam Barnes
AGE: 25
D.O.B.: February 10, 1982
P.O.B.: Layton, Utah; USA
RACE: White (1/4 German, 1/4 Italian, 1/2 Unknown)
MARKS: Big moe on the right side of my head, near the top of my ear.
ABILITIES: Good at repairing video tapes, Computers, Electronics, & Making Iced Tea.
SKILLS: Computer functions, windows 98/2000 pro/XP, internet, e-mail, HTML, Security, minor home repair.

Billy Joe Barnes Jr.
MOTHER: Debra Mae Barnes
O. BROTHER: Adam Barnes (Deceased)
Y. BROTHER: Peter Joe Barnes
Y. SISTER: Donna Mae Barnes

My Niece & Nephews Database
Name Gender Birth Date Father Mother
Kelsie Female November 4, 2003 Peter Salina
Peter Jr. Male March 4, 2005 Peter Salina
Braden Male October 19, 2006 Peter Nicole
Company Job Title Dates
Securitas Security Officer 12/2006 - Present
Davis School District PT Custodian 5/2005 - 12/2006
Focus Communications Customer Care Consultant 10/2004 - 1/2005
Temp Services (Various) Various 1/2004 - 10/2004
Cognisa Security Inc. Security Officer 2/2003 - 12/2003
Pinkerton Security Professional Security Officer 4/2002 - 12/2002
Guard-Systems Inc. Security Officer 3/2001 - 4/2002
Allied Security Security Officer 7/2000 - 10/2000
TeleperformanceUSA Telemarketer 4/2000 - 7/2000
McDonald's Meat Cook 10/1999 - 12/1999
School Grade School Years
ITT Technical Institute Freshman 2006/2007
Stevens-Henager College Freshman, Sophmore and Junior 2003/2004, 2004/2005 and 2005/2006
Clearfield High 10th, 11th and 12th 1997/1998, 1998/1999 and 1999/2000
North Davis Jr. High 7th, 8th and 9th 1994/1995, 1995/1996 and 1996/1997
Holt Elementary 6th 1993/1994
Fremont Elementary 3rd, 4th and 5th 1990/1991, 1991/1992 and 1992/1993
South Clearfield Elementary 2nd 1989/1990
King Elementary Kindergarten and 1st 1987/1988 and 1988/1989
Barneck Pre-School Pre-School 1986/1987

I was born on February 10, 1982 at 1:27pm to Billy & Debra Barnes Jr. in Layton, Utah. It was argued that my name should have been Billy Joe Barnes III, but my mom said my dad wouldn't let her see me to make sure that I looked like him, so she named me John Adam Barnes. My middle name is named after my older brother whom died 8 hours after his birth. He was born 2 months early. On June 11, 1983, I got a little brother named Peter Joe Barnes. In May of 1985 we moved to Clearfield (the next town North). On June 7, 1986 I got a little sister named Donna Mae Barnes. I then started school at Barneck Pre-School. I had to go to so many different schools because I was a resource student. Which is half-way between Special Ed. and normal students. Basically my brain is too lazy and doesn't want to learn. So I have a harder time learning. In June of 1998, we moved to Clinton. I graduated on June 2, 2000.

In July of 2001 I discovered the USS Ticonderoga, a Star Trek fan club in my local area. Contacted it's CO, Captain Stark and joined it. I was a full fledged member by October 2001. Now I'm the Chief Engineer, rank of Ensign. On October 2, 2003 Peter married Salina. They had Kelsie, my niece on November 4, 2003. Making me an uncle for the first time. Then they had Peter Jr. on March 4, 2005. In June of 2005 Salina announced her decision to divorce my brother, just days before his birthday. In July 2005, we moved to Ogden, Utah where we now reside. October of 2005, Peter met Nicole, whom had two boys of her own: Preston and Jayden. Then on October 19, 2006 Peter and Nicole combined the two families by having their first mutual son Braden. I attend ITT Tech in Murry, Utah from November 2006 until January 2007. Right now, work for Securitas.

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