Commander Jnark

Name: J'nark
Age: 181
Race: Horta
Gender: Male
Height: 2'9" (most of his bulk is horizontal)
Weight: Rock-heavy
Planet of origin: Janus VI
Rank: Commander


J'nark is one of the many hatchmates of the mother Horta that hatched when the Enterprise commanded by James T. Kirk visited Janus VI. In fact, he was in the egg that Spock picked up in the miners' office.

Many of his hatchmates later joined Starfleet, especially the ill-fated crew of the USS Darwin, commanded by Captain Dalen. That ship and crew assisted Captain Picard of the Enterprise-D in investigating the Dyson Sphere. In the end, the Darwin and her crew, together with the Dyson Sphere, vanished into a quantum microverse. J'nark has dedicated his life and career to finding a way to retrieve his hatchmates, pushing quantum physics beyond its limits.


2426-2430: MIT, majoring in physics. Graduated summa cumlaude.

2432-2436: Starfleet Academy

Major: Engineering Minor: Science Graduated with honors.

2436-2439: Assigned to USS Hawking. Promoted to Lt. jg

2439-2444: Assigned to USS Cochrane. Commendation and promoted to Lt.

2444-2446: Assigned to Starbase 12, where he attended further classes in Engineering, awaiting his next assignment

2446 assigned to USS Enterprise (NCC 1701-G) as Assistant Chief Engineer

2446 reassigned as the Chief Engineering Officer and First Officer

2448 promoted to Commander

Personality and other attributes:
J'nark is a Horta, a silicon-based creature. They are natural miners, secreting a powerful corrosive which enables them to walk through rock like most others do through air. It can also be used as a deadly weapon, but he is reluctant to do so unless there is no other choice. Hortas are telepathic, and can communicate telepathically as well as manipulate computer consoles and other tools telekenetically. He is equipped with a device which gives him an electronic "voice" as well.

J'nark has a special rapport with Vulcans, ever since he met Commander Spock after he hatched. He has mind-melded with some. He has quite a logical mind, but not as austere as a Vulcan is. He has a sense of humor that can emerge at the strangest times. He is quite friendly once you get over his odd appearance.

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