Lieutenant Commander Jaza Najem

Name: Jaza Najem
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Chief Science Officer/Second Officer USS Titan

Bajoran Militia/Starfleet History
2376: Serving in Bajoran Militia under General Lenaris
2376: Absorbed into Starfleet and assigned to USS al-Arif as Chief Science Officer
2379: Reassigned to USS Titan as Second Officer

Personal History
His father was Jaza Chakrys. His wife, Sumari, and his children died during the Occupation. The death of Sumari, in particular, haunted him given that she died from a Cardassian disruptor blast he believed to have been meant for him. He was a follower of the Bajoran religion, though for a time his faith deserted him as the Occupation of Bajor piled horror upon horror onto his consciousness—a faith later regained after he escaped from the destruction of an infirmary without a scratch despite catastrophic damage all around him. He was a former member (a scientific officer) of the Bajoran Militia, where he held the rank of Captain. He joined Starfleet in 2376 after his homeworld of Bajor joined the United Federation of Planets. In late 2376, Jaza was serving under General Lenaris Holem when a Besinian ship attacked the isolated village of Sidau. Jaza was a member of a team that was investigating the destruction of the village, where Ro Laren met him. Jaza was to have an interview with Ro and Elias Vaughn in Ashalla to join Starfleet a week later. On his application, he requested an assignment to a starship. As he had hoped, Jaza was assigned to a starship, the USS al-Arif, as its science officer. By the year 2379, Jaza was assigned as Science officer and Second Officer on the USS Titan under Captain William T. Riker.

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