Lieutenant Commander Jayson Reddix

Name: Jayson Reddix
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Chief Engineer USS Hawking
Age: 39

Starfleet History
2360: Enters Starfleet Academy
2364: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2365: Assigned to USS Saber as Engineer
2367: Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade
2370: Reassigned to USS Norfolk as Assistant Chief Engineer
2372: Promoted to Lieutenant
2373: Named Chief Engineer
2375: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2380: Reassigned to USS Hawking

Personal History
Jayson Reddix was born on the colony of Deneva in the year 2341. He showed an aptitude for engineering from an early age and at the age of nineteen he enrolled into Starfleet Academy majoring in engineering with a minor in command. After completing his studies at the Academy he was asssgned to the Saber class USS Saber as an engineer. After two years he was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade becoming the engineer in charge of Gamma Shift. Three and a half years later he was transferred to the USS Norfolk to be the Assistant Chief Engineer. When the Chief Engineer retired in late 2372 Jayson was named the permanent Chief Engineer a few weeks later. He was on the Norfolk as Chief Engineer for over six years. In 2380 Jayson requested a transfer to the Hawking in order to join Project Full Circle.

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