James Harriman Jr.

Name: James John "Jimmy" Harriman Jr.
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 55
D.O.B.: July 31, 2356
P.O.B.: Earth; Dallas, Texas.
Assignment: Director, Starfleet Criminal Investigation Service.
Marks: Tattoo - "Annabell Riley Harriman, August 1, 2387" on his right chest.
Special Abilities: Can fly anything that can be flown.
Skills: Combat Piloting, noted as a "Flying Ace" & "Hot Shot".

James & Elizabeth Harriman
Siblings: Paul Harriman (Y.B.) & Diane (Harriman) Thompson (Y.S.).
Mate: Pamela (Louis) Harriman (Deceased). Karen (O'Neill) Harriman.
Children: Annabell "Anna" Riley Harriman (Daughter by Pam; Aged 4). Rachel & Rebecca Harriman (Twin Daughters by Karen; Aged 1).

James John Harriman Jr. was born in Dallas Texas on Earth on July 31, 2356 to James & Elizabeth Harriman. In 2357, James gained a brother Paul. In 2360, James gained a sister Diane & James started schooling. In 2373, James graduated and joined Starfleet Academy, where he met Pamela Louis. In 2376, James married Pamela. In 2377, James graduates from Starfleet Academy. In 2387, Annabell Riley Harriman was born to James & Pamela. James is later assigned to Starbase 12 as a Fighter Pilot. In 2389, Pamela died and James transfers to the CONN Department due to he has to raise Annabell alone and doesn't want to risk making her an orphan. He is reassigned to USS Voyager-D. In 2390, James becomes Executive Officer. In 2391, James becomes Commanding Officer. After capturing the vengeful retired Admiral Becca Harrison, former CO of the Voyager-D, he retired and accepted a position with SCIS. He worked his way up the ladder and in 2409 he became the Director of the agency. James is also the grandson of Captain John Harriman, Commanding Officer of the USS Enterprise-B. And great-grandson to Admiral "Black-Jack" Harriman.


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NAME: John

Important Dates

March 3, 2005: Joined OUV Group.
August 5, 2005: Assigned as Chief Helm Officer at the rank of Lieutenant.
May 8, 2006: Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.
July 24, 2006: Promoted to the Executive Officer position.
March 17, 2007: Promoted to Commanding Officer at the rank of Commander during refit & repair.
June 12, 2007: Promoted to Captain.
March 12, 2011: Reassigned to Starfleet Criminal Investigation Service as Director of SCIS.

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