Jalena Dax

Name: Jalena (Jigan) Dax
Gender: Female
Age: 23
P.O.B.: Trill (grew up in Sappora system)
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Assignment: Second Officer/Chief Science Officer, USS Oklahoma (Temporarily)

Janas Jigan (Mother. No record of father's name.)
Mate: Lieutenant Colonel Strek (Husband)
Children: Taurik (Son)

Education: Starfleet Academy, Science Program, 2388-2392

Starfleet Career Summary:

2388 Enrolled in Starfleet Academy science program, with emphasis on psychology.
2392 Graduated top of her class from Starfleet Academy. Assigned to USS Titan as Lieutenant (JG).
2393 Assigned to Starbase Saloon as Chief Science Officer at rank of Lieutenant.
2394 Married Major Strek, M.A.C.O. Commanding Officer of Starbase Saloon.
2395 Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Her and Strek's son Taurik is born.
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