Lieutenant Jacqueline Benoit

Name: Jacqueline Benoit
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Engineer USS Planck
Age: 27

Starfleet History
2368: Enters Starfleet Academy
2372: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2373: Assigned to USS Wellington as Engineer
2375: Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade
2377: Promoted to Lieutenant
2378: Named Assistant Chief Engineer
2379: Reassigned to USS Planck as Chief Engineer

Personal History
Jacqueline Benoit was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in the year 2352. Ever since she was little she always had a knack with computers and engineering. It was to the surprise of no one she entered Starfleet Academy at 16 with a major in engineering and minor in science. After completing the four year program she graduated in the top one percent of her class and was assigned to the Wellington after her post graduation leave. She rose thru the ranks relatively quickly and in 2378 she was named the Assistant Chief Engineer of the Wellington. Seventeen months later she was assigned to the newly commissioned USS Planck which was part of Project Full Circle to be the Chief Engineer.

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