Crew Manifest ISS Quirinal


Commanding Officer Captain Regina Farkas r-o6.png
First Officer Commander Malcolm Roach r-o5.png
Second Officer/Security Chief Major Matthew Chiavelli g-o4.png
Counselor Lieutenant Commander Jev r-o4.png
Gamma Shift Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander Julian Psilakis r-o4.png
Chief Helm Officer Lieutenant Arjo Otiho r-o3.png
Assistant Chief Helm Officer Lieutenant Shelby Booth r-o2.png
Helm Officer Lieutenant Archie Lindsey r-o2.png
Helm Officer Lieutenant Logan Sanford r-o2.png
Helm Officer Lieutenant Ariana Johnson r-o2.png
Helm Officer Ensign Pogrebnova Afanasievna r-o1.png
Helm Officer Ensign Shane Williams r-o1.png
Helm Officer Ensign Lorenzo Acbar r-o1.png
Shuttle Pilot Lieutenant Benjamin Conrad r-o2.png
Shuttle Pilot Lieutenant Willie Nielsen r-o2.png
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Eva Ashley r-o1.png
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Nicolas House r-o1.png
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Nora Jones r-o1.png
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Vrirao Sh'ivhaotraq r-o1.png
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Summer Man r-o1.png
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Indro Scaturro r-o1.png
Chief Operations Officer Ensign Stonn y-o1.png
Assistant Chief Operations Officer Ensign Ethel Conway y-o1.png
Operations Officer Ensign Calvin McIntyre y-o1.png
Operations Officer Ensign Ellen Fierce y-o1.png
Operations Officer Ensign Sonya Stanley y-o1.png
Operations Officer Ensign Asella Passalacqua y-o1.png
Operations Officer Ensign Ernest Coleman y-o1.png
Operations Officer Ensign Roosevelt Johnson y-o1.png
Security Chief/Second Officer Major Matthew Chiavelli g-o4.png
Assistant Security Chief Captain Vincent Logan g-o3.png
Security Officer Captain Othrottaa Sh'zhyrrek g-o3.png
Security Officer Captain Sally Burton g-o3.png
Security Officer Captain Madison Wallace g-o3.png
Security Officer Captain Edwin Thomas g-o3.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Amanda Duke g-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Carmen Clark g-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Bryce Hoffman g-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Clifford McMillan g-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Mya Travis g-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Robert Bentley g-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Alexia James g-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Julian David g-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Marisa Edwards g-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Jordan Cross g-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Tony Battle g-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Harold Knight g-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Antonio Hodges g-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Matthew Smith g-o2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Idea Camarda g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Kristine South g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Camilla Alexander g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Tamyu Kigho g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Adrian May g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Kelly McLaughlin g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Christy Starr g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Skuva g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Leslie Simon g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Ronald Blade g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Tharihr Th'irithrith g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Brittany Starr g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Stelen g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Kendra Drake g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Gloria Mill g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Jerome Atkins g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Mack McCarty g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Xaitix Erag g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Patrick Adams g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Lewis Blade g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant George Chandler g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Lola Cage g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Lea Duff g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Elihya Horas g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Isabel Lewis g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Leslie Hardin g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Emmanuel Gibson g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Olivia Grant g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Jordan Brown g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Hector Banner g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Karl Hammer g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Edwin Ashley g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Peshao Zh'shrekrik g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Sydney Lawrence g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Arnold Lord g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Michael Williams g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Connie Hopper g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Iva Kennedy g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Joe Havoc g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Ayden Bender g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant T'Sai g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Karla Griffin g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Ribis Jute g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Eva Hill g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Diane Cameron g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Erika Tanner g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Renee Nelson g-o1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Charlie Duff g-o1.png
Security Officer Private Girolamo Fabiani g-e3.png
Security Officer Private Jared Brooke g-e3.png
Security Officer Private Kirsten Rider g-e3.png
Security Officer Private Kendra Black g-e3.png
Security Officer Private Iole Verrone g-e3.png
Security Officer Private Sonak g-e3.png
Security Officer Private Jodi Joyce g-e3.png
Captain's Personal Guard Sergeant Reginald Barclay g-e7.png
Counselor Lieutenant Commander Jev r-o4.png
Torpedo Room Supervisor Sergeant Barry Green g-e5.png
Assistant Torpedo Room Supervisor Corporal Tyushnyakova Leonidovna g-e4.png
Torpedo Room Operator Private Chad Button g-e3.png
Torpedo Room Operator Private Joe Ford g-e3.png
Torpedo Room Operator Private George Fawn g-e3.png
Torpedo Room Operator Private Veriana Calamia g-e3.png
Torpedo Room Operator Private Vicky Marshall g-e3.png
Torpedo Room Operator Private Annie Holmes g-e3.png
Chief Engineer Lieutenant Phinnegan Bryce y-o3.png
Assistant Chief Engineer Lieutenant Daisy Gates y-o3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Todd Caine y-o3.png
Engineer Lieutenant James Diamond y-o3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Thrysho Zh'zohral y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Davisa Calhoun y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Tasheka Greene y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Lance Christy y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Cristian Dawn y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Subotina Makarovna y-o2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Ilenia Cella y-o2.png
Engineer Ensign Nick Bones y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Adam Barron y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Annie Saunders y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Patricia Weber y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Eileen Holman y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Clyde Sierra y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Jimar Prince y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Miranda Johnson y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Sonia Calderon y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Isaac Summers y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Jeremy Prince y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Nemtsev Anatolievich y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Eugene Bruce y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Mack West y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Qhir Qirawa y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Geeme Meerawo y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Lola Waters y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Abby Sawyer y-o1.png
Engineer Ensign Alexia Silvers y-o1.png
Engineer Crewman Marisa Travis y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Christina Laine y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Barrell Clark y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Freddy Jones y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Elaena Sutton y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Alexis Duncan y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman T'Madh y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Julie Winter y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Charlie Elliot y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Dustin Kiss y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Elda Marietti y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Tremon Garner y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Bobby Nixon y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Clyde Brandon y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Kay Russell y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Beth Powell y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Shelby Edwards y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Clara Tillman y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Nina Smith y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Tyndall Kelley y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Brent Holmes y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Yaz y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Connie Dotson y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Donna Stone y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman H'Nuuras y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Shadenda Peterson y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Carter Call y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Bob Cross y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Vivao Zh'thaothrihr y-e3.png
Engineer Crewman Rosie Leo y-e3.png
Computer Specialist Lieutenant Belakis Mod y-o3.png
Warp Core Specialist Lieutenant Sonya Brandon y-o3.png
Diagnostic Engineer Lieutenant Gina Lloyd y-o2.png
Cloak Specialist Ensign Sriss y-o1.png
Slipstream Specialist Lieutenant Cameron Shawn y-o3.png
Sensor Room Specialist Lieutenant Maslak Rodionovna y-o3.png
Sensor Room Specialist Lieutenant Santrell Turner y-o2.png
Sensor Room Specialist Lieutenant Evelyn Caldwell y-o2.png
Sensor Room Specialist Ensign Ralph Rider y-o1.png
Sensor Room Specialist Ensign Oscar Rose y-o1.png
Sensor Room Specialist Ensign Aarru y-o1.png
Sensor Room Specialist Ensign Clifford Flowers y-o1.png
Sensor Room Specialist Ensign Melinda Duran y-o1.png
Structural Engineer Lieutenant Lepyu Nammag y-o2.png
Systems Engineer Lieutenant Leona Paige y-o3.png
Nacelle Room Supervisor Lieutenant Lekut Naltr y-o2.png
Assistant Nacelle Room Supervisor Ensign Gracie Gordon y-o1.png
Nacelle Room Operator Ensign Shelia Robinson y-o1.png
Nacelle Room Operator Ensign Nellie Russell y-o1.png
Nacelle Room Operator Ensign Sergio Hopper y-o1.png
Nacelle Room Operator Ensign Felicia Hamilton y-o1.png
Nacelle Room Operator Ensign Elias Travis y-o1.png
Nacelle Room Operator Ensign Sabele Bertolini y-o1.png
Shuttle Bay Officer Lieutenant James Allen y-o2.png
Shuttle Bay Officer Ensign Martin Fields y-o1.png
Shuttle Bay Officer Ensign Maude Hunt y-o1.png
Shuttle Bay Officer Ensign Stephen Hatfield y-o1.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Chief Petty Officer Nick Skye y-e7.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Petty Officer Gary English y-e5.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Alaia Greene y-e3.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Hrorash y-e3.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Bonnie Martin y-e3.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Jaymore Epps y-e3.png
Transporter Chief Chief Petty Officer Rontay Allen y-e7.png
Transporter Operator Petty Officer Anna Mooney y-e6.png
Transporter Operator Petty Officer Harriet Whitaker y-e6.png
Transporter Operator Petty Officer Laurie Johnston y-e6.png
Transporter Operator Petty Officer Leo Jason y-e6.png
Transporter Operator Petty Officer Joel Rye y-e5.png
Transporter Operator Petty Officer Liam Cougar y-e5.png
Transporter Operator Petty Officer Gilbert Spears y-e5.png
Transporter Operator Petty Officer Cameron Josh y-e5.png
Transporter Operator Petty Officer Dana Porter y-e5.png
Transporter Operator Petty Officer Aaliyah Dixon y-e5.png
Transporter Operator Petty Officer Jackie Kennedy y-e5.png
Transporter Operator Petty Officer Kurt Bernard y-e5.png
Transporter Operator Petty Officer Sheleia y-e5.png
Transporter Operator Petty Officer Marian Whitley y-e4.png
Transporter Operator Petty Officer Ernest Mathews y-e4.png
Transporter Operator Petty Officer Alan White y-e4.png
Transporter Operator Petty Officer Ohan Alston y-e4.png
Transporter Operator Petty Officer Alexis Russell y-e4.png
Transporter Operator Petty Officer Jillian Hebert y-e4.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Xavion Fowler y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Betty Winter y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman P'Rell y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Terek Maxwell y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Tommy Avery y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Allan Flynn y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Duane Myers y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Nemiah Greer y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Kerry Duke y-e3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Kordell Barnett y-e3.png
Chief Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) El'nor Sal t-o3.png
Assistant Chief Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Felicia Petino t-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Wendy Button t-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Sean Simon t-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Terry Rye t-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Jayden Potts t-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Kharitonov Grigorievich t-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Lucy Mars t-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Xaithaw Krawas t-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Zenzessa t-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Aristione Lenci t-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Torielle Wells t-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Faye Rider t-o3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Isheraob Ch'okaarhar t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Kenvante Burns t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Ornell Howard t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Chivonn Gardner t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Sofia Day t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Matthew Lynn t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Adam Cole t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Joniqua Matthews t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Sara Frye t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Stelek t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Addie Bush t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Denise Good t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Jake Sutton t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Howard Ellis t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Weston McLaughlin t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Edward Sherman t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Amy Bravo t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Jade Mac t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Mindy Winters t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Lawrence Finch t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Billy Mitchell t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Terrence Tanner t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Terry Ocean t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Symass Sh'izohress t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Reese Soto t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Sherlyn Hood t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Oliver Key t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) DelVonte Cotton t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Morris Foster t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Penna t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Nysea Rata t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Daevion Smith t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Freddie Fowler t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Elsie Powell t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Delanna Roberts t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Jimmie Turner t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Yanine Lowe t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Corey Boyd t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Ernest Ash t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Callum Whitaker t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Sharon Giles t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Hrerl t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Matilda Ortega t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Lee Copeland t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Lishcelle Patton t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Barbara Graham t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Jesse Gilmore t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Alexander Button t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Jairo Johns t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Gladys Bennett t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Lawrence Underwood t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Roberta Nixon t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Cory Rich t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Jackson Byrne t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Joseph Stewart t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Catherine Lynn t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Eula Slater t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) T'hen t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Mindy Farley t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Edward Marsh t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Eshirib Th'taanaq t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Travis Sexton t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Reuben Richardson t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Sallie Pollard t-o2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Athena Robertson t-o2.png
Fourth Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Elias Cole t-o1.png
Fourth Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Martin Hodges t-o1.png
Third Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Elizabeth Durham t-o1.png
Second Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Steve Powers t-o1.png
Second Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Chekilla Stewart t-o1.png
Second Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Graifel Woral t-o1.png
Head Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Anita Tanner t-o3.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Bylis Ch'chynnen t-o3.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Lawrence Pena t-o3.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Ladarrell Lynch t-o3.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Lily Jones t-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Quashara Glenn t-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Adrian Colt t-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Cristina Parziale t-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Autumn Randolph t-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Cilawia Rett t-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Satok t-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Michael Berger t-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Alan McNeil t-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Louise Walsh t-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Madelyn Briggs t-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Lillian Phelps t-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Maria Raymond t-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Solen t-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Dora Kitt t-o2.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Lisa Hill t-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Garrett Webster t-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Christopher Franks t-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Storey Daniels-Stonn t-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Wilson Faulkner t-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Curtis Hickman t-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Nicholas Stuart t-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Ethyss Ch'akyrhol t-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Jennifer Mitchell t-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Kristopher Morin t-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Calvin House t-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Curtis Holcomb t-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Ciriaco Errico t-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Diane Simpson t-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Daisy James t-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Herbert Turner t-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Molly Carter t-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Alexann Tate t-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Michele Kane t-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Jonathan Gordon t-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Emma Raymond t-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Ellen Rowe t-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Teonce Harmon t-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Casey East t-o1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Mae Cotton t-o1.png
Med Tech Crewman Lori Hunter t-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Julie Mason t-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Phyllis Cameron t-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Theo Moore t-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Sherri Carey t-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Charles Young t-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Daniel Bates t-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Jackie Navarro t-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Nang t-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Briley Miranda t-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Kara Burks t-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman George Johnston t-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Vivian Bonner t-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Shelley Wall t-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman T'Leia t-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Ainsley Wyatt t-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Georgia Hart t-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Ishrella Zh'iziarhass t-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Jaylen Decker t-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Edward Byrne t-e3.png
Med Tech Crewman Clare Carroll t-e3.png
Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Tonil Hornung c-o3.png
Assistant Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Bes Th'vhollak c-o3.png
Science Officer Lieutenant Harvey Cooke c-o2.png
Science Officer Lieutenant Kendra Kennedy c-o2.png
Science Officer Lieutenant Geraldine Palmer c-o2.png
Science Officer Lieutenant Colten Foley c-o2.png
Science Officer Ensign Shane Burris c-o1.png
Science Officer Ensign Brodie James c-o1.png
Xenobiologist Lieutenant Adam Bradford c-o2.png
Geologist Lieutenant Laura May c-o2.png
Quantum Mechanics Lieutenant Commander Craig Little c-o4.png
Archaeology and Anthropology Officer Lieutenant Kody Henderson c-o3.png
Botanist Ensign Demi Ball c-o1.png
Ecologist Lieutenant Sekon c-o2.png
Biologist Lieutenant Belen Poole c-o2.png
Stellar Cartography Lieutenant Ruby Shelton c-o3.png
Stellar Cartography Lieutenant Gemma Workman c-o2.png
Stellar Cartography Ensign Jacqueline Pace c-o1.png
Stellar Cartography Ensign Chad Tillman c-o1.png
Archaeology and Anthropology Lieutenant Commander Donovan Atkins c-o4.png
Computer Sciences Division Lieutenant M'Neia c-o2.png
Contact Specialist Lieutenant Alisha Cooper c-o2.png
Planetary Geosciences Lieutenant Commander Shososs Th'kakrirh c-o4.png
Astrophysicist Lieutenant Evie Wilson c-o3.png
Astrophysicist Lieutenant Christian Weaver c-o3.png
Astrobiologist Lieutenant Commander Saavei c-o4.png
Astrobiologist Lieutenant Anita Riddle c-o2.png
Airponics Technician Ensign Felipe Lynch c-o1.png
Exobiologist Commander Javier Mitchell c-o5.png
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