Crew Manifest ISS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E)


Commanding Officer Captain Jean-Luc Picard r-o6.png
First Officer Commander Edward Jellico r-o5.png
Second Officer/Chief Engineer Lieutenant Commander Wesley Crusher yo4.png
Counselor Commander Garak r-o5.png
Gamma Shift Commanding Officer Lieutenant Kudryavtsev Romanovich ro3.png
Chief Helm Officer Lieutenant Commander Akako Sulu ro4.png
Assistant Chief Helm Officer Lieutenant Richard Magner ro3.png
Helm Officer Lieutenant Gary Weinrib ro3.png
Helm Officer Lieutenant Diane Morse ro2.png
Helm Officer Lieutenant Marjorie Casey ro2.png
Helm Officer Ensign T'At ro1.png
Helm Officer Ensign Alfred Duffy ro1.png
Helm Officer Ensign Hollie Gallagher ro1.png
Shuttle Pilot Lieutenant Jim Patton ro3.png
Shuttle Pilot Lieutenant Elijah Baldwin ro3.png
Shuttle Pilot Lieutenant Cindy Benson ro3.png
Shuttle Pilot Lieutenant Goxea Varas ro2.png
Shuttle Pilot Lieutenant Alfred Buck ro2.png
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Calvin Terry ro1.png
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Louis Fleming ro1.png
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Sydney Stockman ro1.png
Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant Commander Robin Lefler yo4.png
Assistant Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant Earnest Marsh yo3.png
Operations Officer Lieutenant Sean Milner yo3.png
Operations Officer Lieutenant Jack Moss yo2.png
Operations Officer Ensign Warba Jeexos yo1.png
Operations Officer Ensign Jill Rosado yo1.png
Operations Officer Ensign Diane Le Roy yo1.png
Operations Officer Ensign Stephen Chandler yo1.png
Security Chief Colonel Tasha Yar go6.png
Assistant Security Chief Captain Sara Nave go3.png
Security Officer Captain Peter Davila go3.png
Security Officer Captain Steven Kelly go3.png
Security Officer Captain Theliv ch'Kerrisoth go3.png
Security Officer Captain Randolph Giudice go3.png
Security Officer Captain T'Sona go3.png
Security Officer Captain Kirsten Cruzen go3.png
Security Officer Captain Shelyapin Kirillovich go3.png
Security Officer Captain Andre Reynolds go3.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Camille Serrano go2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Erdi Vaiyu go2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Miriam Frederick go2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Adrian Stevenson go2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Katie Saunders go2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Calvin Hubbard go2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Iveve Sh'otarrorh go2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Julia Lott go2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Falon Wriede go2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Aneta Šmrhová go2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Harley de Lange go2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Austin Braddock go2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Neshaal th'Chun go2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Lorraine Obarakeh go2.png
Security Officer Lieutenant John Allen go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Danielle Brennan go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Rocky Carr go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Jacqueline Clemons go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Justin Floyd go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Alice Parminder go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Manfred Vogel go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Stav go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Willard Burgess go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Johnie McIntyre go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Regina Burns go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Edith Conway go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Jeannette Booth go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Oggi Ibila go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Nichole Wilkinson go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Doroteo Mottola go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Yulegtee go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Lonnie Parker go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Bespalova Alekseevna go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Kristen Nash go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Kenneth Brock go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Charlie Anderson go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Isabel Cooley go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Susan Baldwin go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Todd Stanley go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Victoria Simpson go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Billie Hunter go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Chris Nelson go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Chekye Hoff go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Hanna Brooke go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Reloss Ch'kyhliq go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Tommy Chandler go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Stan Nova go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Anita Terry go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Gladys Parker go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Drew Strong go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Sean Rye go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Craig Kane go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Kristen Gray go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Suzanne Sexton go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Nellork go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Stefanie Bear go1.png
Security Officer Lieuetnant Gerard Wilde go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Jaime Roberson go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Gregory Brennan go1.png
Security Officer Lieutenant Zaims Ladd go1.png
Security Officer Lieuetnant Marc David go1.png
Captain's Personal Guard Sergeant Major Gilaad Ben Zoma ge9.png
Counselor Commander Garak r-o5.png
Torpedo Room Supervisor Sergeant Deanna Holcomb ge5.png
Assistant Torpedo Room Supervisor Corporal Bernard Kitt ge4.png
Torpedo Room Operator Private Beatrice Sharp ge3.png
Torpedo Room Operator Private Emma Joseph ge3.png
Torpedo Room Operator Private Makenzie Barr ge3.png
Torpedo Room Operator Private Gene Lewis ge3.png
Torpedo Room Operator Private Hith ge3.png
Torpedo Room Operator Private Calvin Owens ge3.png
Chief Communications Officer Commander Donatra co5.png
Assistant Chief Communications Officer Lieutenant Ted Singleton co2.png
Communications Officer Lieutenant Stephen Robinson co2.png
Communications Officer Ensign Calvin Stevenson co1.png
Communications Officer Ensign Ashlee Ellison co1.png
Communications Officer Ensign Kurt Mercury co1.png
Communications Officer Ensign Edgar Parrish co1.png
Communications Officer Ensign Sergio Croce co1.png
Chief Engineer/Second Officer Lieutenant Commander Wesley Crusher yo4.png
Assistant Chief Engineer Lieutenant Taurik yo3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Kimberly Heaton yo3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Ray Garrison yo3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Conner Martin yo3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Noah Phoenix yo3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Tami Conrad yo3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Strytiann yo3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Michele Gordon yo3.png
Engineer Lieutenant K'Greia yo3.png
Engineer Lieutenant Ronnie Jennings yo2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Cole Dark yo2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Shannon Lester yo2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Melanie Miller yo2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Xander Wallace yo2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Benjamin Fuller yo2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Mitchell Obrecht yo2.png
Engineer Lieutenant Jiang Rao yo2.png
Engineer Ensign Gubanov Ilyich yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Timothy Carter yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Liam Tate yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Lance McLeod yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Lucy Ramsey yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Belinda Cash yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Bejad Xijea yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Pamao Sh'kaonirh yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Valerie Fletcher yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Alvin Burgess yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Alexander Lynch yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Yefremova Pavlovna yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Jumana Johnson yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Natalie Beard yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Spive yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Caitlyn Little yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Allan Lawson yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Kenneth Noel yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Louise Knowles yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Tricia Sims yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Kay Marks yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Mae Morin yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Itenial Ch'chokrer yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Sylvia Kirkland yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Ralph Ballard yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Jason Osborn yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Linda Christensen yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Eela Oso yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Nancy Barron yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Ajhotit Zh'tilrorh yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Johnnie Havoc yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Samuel Shannon yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Stefanie Murphy yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Johnnie Sheppard yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Richard Reese yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Nick Riddle yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Caitlin Lyons yo1.png
Engineer Ensign T'Pleia yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Thrathi Sh'zaalril yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Pearl Keys yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Dustin Ashley yo1.png
Engineer Ensign Garry Warner yo1.png
Computer Specialist Lieutenant Robert Fry yo2.png
Warp Core Specialist Lieutenant Bar Nehino yo3.png
Diagnostic Engineer Lieutenant Annie Claire yo2.png
Cloak Specialist Lieutenant Lindsey Leigh yo2.png
Slipstream Specialist Lieutenant Jackie Spencer yo3.png
Sensor Room Specialist Lieutenant Randy Maxwell yo3.png
Sensor Room Specialist Lieutenant Marvin Medina yo3.png
Sensor Room Specialist Ensign Sara Bruce yo1.png
Sensor Room Specialist Ensign Sevath yo1.png
Sensor Room Specialist Ensign Russell Stephenson yo1.png
Sensor Room Specialist Ensign Rachel Anderson yo1.png
Sensor Room Specialist Ensign Ralph Bell yo1.png
Sensor Room Specialist Ensign Anthony Goodwin yo1.png
Structural Engineer Petty Officer Lindsay McFarland ye5.png
Systems Engineer Crewman Wanemoya Heral ye3.png
Nacelle Room Supervisor Lieutenant Laura Holt yo2.png
Assistant Nacelle Room Supervisor Lieutenant Bonnie Haynes yo2.png
Nacelle Room Operator Lieutenant Emma Moran yo2.png
Nacelle Room Operator Lieutenant Arnold Evans yo2.png
Nacelle Room Operator Lieutenant Tommy Warren yo2.png
Nacelle Room Operator Ensign Patricia O'Neil yo1.png
Nacelle Room Operator Ensign Ann Mullins yo1.png
Nacelle Room Operator Ensign Julius Boyd yo1.png
Shuttle Bay Officer Lieutenant Jodi Blake yo2.png
Shuttle Bay Officer Ensign Bav Ch'zerhohr yo1.png
Shuttle Bay Officer Ensign Gracie Iris yo1.png
Shuttle Bay Officer Ensign Babatyev Petrovich yo1.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Chief Petty Officer Gary Washington ye7.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Petty Officer Marjorie Chambers ye4.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Amelia Newman ye3.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Julia Strong ye3.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Robert Gentry ye3.png
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Rose Barron ye3.png
Transporter Chief Chief Petty Officer Richard DeCandido ye7.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Kenomena Gadimin ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Ansovino Macchia ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Alan Hurley ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Lillian Norris ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Shron Ch'evhithath ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Phoenix Thomas ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Deshawn Howell ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Diane Bonner ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Jamie Rowe ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Ada Craig ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Janet Burks ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Frederick Cunningham ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Joseph Taylor ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman T'Kavaat ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Kreyo Pogdu ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Brulenn chim Nehg ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Nicole Chapman ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Kristin Bird ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Marcelo Woodard ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Jensen Maldonado ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Amy Gibson ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Cheku Kika ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Anahi Atkins ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Angelina George ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Joe Watson ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Jace Emerson ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman June Dee ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Yvonne Bentley ye3.png
Transporter Operator Crewman Emerson Calderon ye3.png
Chief Medical Officer Doctor(Commander) Beverly Crusher to5.png
Assistant Chief Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Karina Kirk to3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Nolan Madden to3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Gene Joseph to3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Ashehral Th'atyvohr to3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Emilia Andrews to3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Spyn to3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Cindy Fierce to3.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Leah Wayne to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Hrafer Xahar to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Jonathan Wilkinson to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Debra Gill to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Rosalie Haynes to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Samuel Williams to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Einem Deistrux to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Natalee Lyons to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Lela Small to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Lillie Pennington to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Roy Potter to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) T'peng to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Direkye Naten to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Dolores Lancaster to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Kate Black to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Dylan Harrison to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Regina Sears to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Arthur Hebert to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Katherine James to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Elsie Adams to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Scarlett Kaur to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Shaun McIntosh to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) James O'Brien to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Alfredo Robbins to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) T'rairar to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Thrira Sh'shosrar to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Henry Reid to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Maya Silver to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Annette Holden to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Tina Mathis to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) T'shi to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Vode Sixu to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Sophie Mann to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Katelyn Park to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Manuel Avila to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Ollie Chapman to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Jake Brown to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Mia Ford to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Traci Nicholson to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Christina Pitts to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Rosie McKay to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Alex Houghton to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Samuel Dawson to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Stollov to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Zoli Sh'zathoth to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Ross Perry to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Joanne Mann to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Unye Woate to2.png
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Alvin Yates to2.png
4th Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Cruz Barrera to1.png
4th Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Susan Pitts to1.png
4th Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Stacey Burris to1.png
4th Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Glenda Simmons to1.png
4th Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Kyle Atkinson to1.png
4th Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Tosia Virod to1.png
4th Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Freya Harvey to1.png
4th Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Mable Stanton to1.png
3rd Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Victor Spence to1.png
3rd Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Princeton Gould to1.png
3rd Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Eki to1.png
3rd Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Bradley Beach to1.png
3rd Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Gabriela Skinner to1.png
3rd Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Lauren Holmes to1.png
3rd Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Jacob Macdonald to1.png
3rd Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) James Pearson to1.png
2nd Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) T'pak to1.png
2nd Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Lucas Harrington to1.png
2nd Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Florence Terrell to1.png
2nd Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Carolyn Kennedy to1.png
2nd Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Chemo Maiejus to1.png
2nd Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Andrew McMahon to1.png
2nd Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Robert Hooper to1.png
2nd Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Victor Travis to1.png
2nd Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Salvatore Donovan to1.png
2nd Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Marion Goff to1.png
2nd Year Resident Doctor(Ensign) Pili Zh'tianos to1.png
Head Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Kian Clarke to3.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Lilly Payne to3.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Charlotte Finley to3.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Kieran George to3.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Tiasea Kiht to3.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Jonathon Neal to2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Donnie Gilmore to2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Theresa Daniel to2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Olivia Martin to2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Dawn O'Connor to2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Stinn to2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Lenamena Churr to2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Riley Brewer to2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Dwayne Lott to2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Isaac Pickett to2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Regina Moody to2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Yvette Smith to2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Lonnie Gay to2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Joel Middleton to2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) David Shannon to2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Cheryl Atkins to2.png
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Kerry Park to2.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Susan Weinstein to1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Meghan Powell to1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Jennie Michael to1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Augustine Martin to1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) John Hendrix to1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Eerco Gulkur to1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Scott Stephenson to1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Maya Moore to1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Kelly Wright to1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Ross Fischer to1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Calvin Turner to1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Michelle Wells to1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Antonio Morin to1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Rose Williams to1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Valeria Morris to1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Henry Chapman to1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Fredrick Branch to1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Eryv Ch'ariahles to1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Kayla Evans to1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Lucy Ward to1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Derrick Sargent to1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Elbert Bishop to1.png
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Valentina Heath to1.png
Med Tech Crewman Jaylin Snow te3.png
Med Tech Crewman Golov Nikitovich te3.png
Med Tech Crewman Robert Washington te3.png
Med Tech Crewman Tracy Coffey te3.png
Med Tech Crewman Kraadubaa te3.png
Med Tech Crewman Jayda Thompson te3.png
Med Tech Crewman Brooke Simpson te3.png
Med Tech Crewman Agostina Sandri te3.png
Med Tech Crewman Alexandria Barlow te3.png
Med Tech Crewman Oliver Craft te3.png
Med Tech Crewman Kav Th'ralok te3.png
Med Tech Crewman Colombo Capone te3.png
Med Tech Crewman Stan Butler te3.png
Med Tech Crewman Eliza West te3.png
Med Tech Crewman Margaret Haney te3.png
Med Tech Crewman Zareen Adams te3.png
Med Tech Crewman Roberto Rollins te3.png
Med Tech Crewman Giselle Farrell te3.png
Med Tech Crewman Gianna Jones te3.png
Med Tech Crewman M'Miia te3.png
Med Tech Crewman Emil Cline te3.png
Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Dina Elfiki co3.png
Assistant Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Siraa Sh'ivhonnos co3.png
Science Officer Lieutenant Jake Merritt co2.png
Science Officer Ensign Menun co1.png
Science Officer Ensign Josie Whitaker co1.png
Science Officer Ensign Oday Barnes co1.png
Science Officer Ensign Stan Craig co1.png
Science Officer Ensign Naomi Livingston co1.png
Xenobiologist Lieutenant Rebecca Abbott co3.png
Geologist Lieutenant Therman Allen co3.png
Quantum Mechanics Lieutenant Commander Sandy Walsh co4.png
Archaeology and Anthropology Lieutenant Raaji Fulil co2.png
Botanist Ensign Leonard Shepherd co1.png
Ecologist Lieutenant Donald Elliot co2.png
Biologist Lieutenant Alexa Ratliff co2.png
Exozoologist Ensign Thomas Lowell co1.png
Stellar Cartography Lieutenant Connor Paisner co3.png
Stellar Cartography Lieutenant Maxine Reynolds co2.png
Stellar Cartography Lieutenant Virginia House co2.png
Stellar Cartography Lieutenant Ruth Boyle co2.png
Computer Sciences Division Commander James Call co5.png
Contact Specialist Lieutenant T'Ryssa Chen co2.png
Planetary Geosciences Lieutenant Jessie Sanford co2.png
Astrophysicist Lieutenant Barry Love co3.png
Astrophysicist Lieutenant Brandon Vance co2.png
Astrobiologist Lieutenant Eileen Scott co2.png
Astrobiologist Lieutenant Elva Gibbs co2.png
Airponics Technician Ensign Jeanette Peterson co1.png
Exobiologist Lieutenant Karen Johnston co2.png
Theoretical Physicist Lieutenant Corinne Clipet co3.png
Subspace Particle Physicist Lieutenant James Talenda co3.png
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