Counselor Iles

Name: Iles
Rank: Commander (Doctor)
Position: Chief Counselor USS Lexington
Age: 36

Starfleet History
2361: Enters Starfleet Academy
2365: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2366: Assigned to USS Challenger as Assistant Counselor
2367: Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade
2370: Promoted to Lieutenant
2374: Reassigned to USS Lexington as Chief Counselor
2375: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2379: Promoted to Commander

Personal History
Iles was born in 2343 on Delta IV, the Deltan home world. Iles was an outcast at the Academy being the only Deltan in the psychology program but that did not deter her. Like all Deltans Iles took the oath of celibacy upon entering the Academy. After graduating from the Academy she spent eight years as an Assistant Counselor on the Challenger before the Lexington post came up. At that point Iles was surprised to get the promotion to Chief Counselor after being an Assistant for so long. While on the Challenger Iles obtained her Doctorate in psychology so instead of being addressed as Counselor she is addressed as Doctor.

Iles was married and her husband was stationed aboard the Quoa. In 2379 the Quoa was lost. Iles's husband, Gregory, was lost with the ship and he was considered missing in action presumed dead. Iles did not want a LOA but returned to duty at once dealing with her loss on her own terms.

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