Cadet Hiromi Sulu, III

Name: Hiromi Sulu, III
Rank: Cadet 3rd class
Position: Med Student USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)
Age: 20

Starfleet History
2377:Enters Starfleet Academy
2379: Assigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) as Med Student

Personal History
Hiromi Sulu, III is the oldest son of Hiromi Sulu, Jr and Su Yung-Sul born in 2359. Hiromi's is the great great grandson of the legendary Hikaru Sulu and his Aunt Akako is on the Enterprise-E as the Helm Officer. He is the first Sulu to enter Starfleet and not pursue a career as a helmsman electing to enroll in the Medical Academy to become a Doctor. At the Academy Hiromi is excelling in his studies and during the middle of the first semester of his third year he was assigned to the USS Enterprise, which was now a training ship, giving Hiromi the chance to meet his great great grandfather. After recently losing his "uncle" Pavel seeing a young version of Chekov was hard on the young man.

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