Lieutenant Henoa Lankford

Name: Henoa Lankford
Rank: Lieutenant junior grade
Position: Chief Helm Officer USS Quirinal

Starfleet History
2376: Assigned to USS Defiant as Helm Officer
2380: Reassigned to USS Quirinal as Chief Helm Officer

Personal History
During the encounter with the Cheka and the Yrythny, Lankford uploaded the star charts obtained from the Cheka into the navigational database of the Defiant. Several weeks later, Lankford was piloting the Defiant when it encountered a D'Naali starship and a Nyazen starship. Lankford also piloted the Defiant on its journey home and was at the conn when the ship encountered Weyoun's starship. Several weeks into the Gamma Quadrant mission, Lankford participated in a poker game with Julian Bashir, Nog, Sam Bowers, Prynn Tenmei, Jeannette Chao, Cassini and Gordimer. In early 2377, Ezri Dax offered to have Lankford take Benjamin Sisko back to Bajor in a runabout, although he declined the offer. Henoa was selected to be the Chief Helm Officer of the newly launched USS Quirinal which was going to be exploring the Delta Quadrant as part of Project Full Circle.

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