Lieutenant Heeno Kahn

Name: Heeno Kahn
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Assistant Chief Engineer USS Odyssey
Age: 31

Starfleet History
2364: Enters Starfleet Academy
2368: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2369: Assigned to Deep Space Nine as Engineer
2372: Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade
2376: Promoted to Lieutenant
2380: Reassigned to USS Odyssey as Assistant Chief Engineer

Personal History
Heeno was born on the Trill home world in the year 2348. Neither of her parents were given the honor of being joined but Heeno knew from an early age she wanted to be joined with a symbiont. At eighteen she left the home world for Earth to attend Starfleet Academy. She majored in engineering at the Academy and what turned out to be one helluva an irony she was assigned to the Cardassian station Deep Space Nine when it was taken over by Starfleet where she worked under Chief O'Brien. She was a good engineer but never extraordinary enough to really move up the ranks. She did get promoted during her ten years on Deep Space Nine but was passed over by Nog after Chief O'Brien returned to Earth after the war. Her life changed shortly after Deep Space Nine was destroyed in 2379. She was given the opportunity to join with a symbiont. She ended up getting the Kahn symbiont which had a history with Jadzia Dax who was deceased but had a slide double who would be serving as Odyssey's First Officer. This changed her feelings of Dax from former co-worker she respected but wasn't really close with to love due to the feelings from the previous two Kahn hosts complicating things.

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