Crewman Hava Remaht

Name: Hava Remaht
Rank: Crewman
Position: Security Officer Deep Space Nine(II)

Bajoran Militia/Starfleet History
2376: Corporal Assigned to Deep Space Nine
2376: given rank of Crewman when Bajoran Militia was absorbed into Starfleet
2379: Reassigned to Deep Space Nine(II)

Personal History
Hava Remaht was a male Bajoran born in the mid-to-late 2350s decade. He served in the Bajoran Militia, and later in the Federation Starfleet. In the year 2376, Corporal Hava was a security deputy serving under Lieutenant Ro Laren on Federation starbase Deep Space 9. After station commander, Colonel Kira Nerys, was Attainted, Hava failed to treat his commanding officer with the proper respect, forcing Kira to put him in his place. Hava was on duty when First Minister Shakaar Edon was assassinated on the station's Promenade. After Bajor joined the Federation in September 2376, Hava became a member of Starfleet when most of the Militia was absorbed into the service. Hava was the security officer selected to accompany Admiral Nacheyev to Cardassia. After the Admiral was wounded Hava along with Garak helped the Admiral to the runabout so they could escape. After Nacheyev was killed Hava felt that Garak was at least partially responsible for her death leading to an argument in the hospital.

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