Dr. Gregory House

Name: Dr. Gregory House
Gender: Male
Age: 36
D.O.B.: June 11, 2359
P.O.B.: Ohio, USA, Earth
Rank: Lieutenant, Inmate # 20080817
Position: Prisoner, Spartan Fleet Prison
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 147 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Personality: Very Smart and knows it, Sarcastic, will cross lines to save lives without hesitation, can become an asshole if it gets the job done.
Hobbies: Studying new types of diseases & languages, playing his portable video games, watching old Earth Soaps.

John House (Former Fighter Pilot)
Mother: Blythe House (Home Maker)
Siblings: Adrian (OB; Deseased), John Jr. (YB), Rebecca (YS).
Marital Status: Divorced. Dating Lieutenant Rebecca O'Neill
Children (if any): Jadzia & Kayla (Twin Daughters with Rebecca O'Neill).
Pets (if any): None.

Gregory House was born on June 11, 2359 to John & Blythe House in Ohio, USA, Earth. From 2364 to 2377 Greg went through schooling. In 2377, Greg enrolled in Starfleet Academy and Medical School. In 2381, Greg graduated from Starfleet Academy. In 2385, Greg graduated from Medical school and was assigned on the USS Lieberman at the rank of Ensign. In 2388, Greg was reassigned to a newly built Starbase Saloon. In 2389, Greg was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. In 2393, Greg was promoted to a full Lieutenant and became Chief Medical Officer of Starbase Saloon.

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