Geoff Michaelson

Name: Geoff Michaelson
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 34
D.O.B.: November 13, 2375
P.O.B.: Earth; Baltimore, Maryland.
Assignment: Senior Special Agent, Starfleet Criminal Investigation Service.
Marks: Knife scar on the left side of his face. He wears a patch on his left eye, cause he lost it in a bar fight.
Special Abilities: N/A
Skills: Hacker, Ladies man, can work good undercover.

Father: Jim Michaelson (Deceased)
Mother: Lisa Ann Michaelson (63, Reformed Con-woman)

Geoff was born in Baltimore in 2375. He joined the Baltimore PD and then enlisted into Starfleet as a Petty Officer. He soon found the life in Starfleet boring, so he retired after recieving a Purple heart and he joined Agent Gibbs in SCIS.

Family History:
Rumor has it that Geoff's parents were undercover operatives for Section 31, but that is just a rumor. Geoff has always tried to stay on the straight and narrow line between justice and crime.

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