Ensign Gabriel Bell

Name: Gabriel Bell
Rank: Ensign
Position: Security Officer USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)
Age: 21

Starfleet History
2262: Enters Starfleet Academy
2266: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2266: Assigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) as Security Officer

Personal History
Gabriel Bell was born on Earth in Jackson, MS in the year 2246. He was named after the Gabriel Bell from the famous Bell Riots of 2024. While not related to that Gabriel Bell his father, a historian, viewed Bell as a hero and wanted his first born son named after him. Gabriel entered Starfleet Academy at the age of sixteen to become a security officer which pissed his father off to no end. His father viewed security personnel or cops as nothing but brainless minions who were incapable of having an independent thought. Gabriel excelled at the Academy and after his graduation was assigned to the Enterprise. A few months after arriving on the Enterprise Gabriel along with all other Enterprise personnel were transported to the year 2379 in a different quantum reality. Gabriel was part of the Enterprise landing party to investigate a damaged Jem'Hadar ship. He initially had issues with Odo for allowing Stiles to be killed but the two worked out their differences.

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