Franklin Corderi

Name: Franklin Corderi
Gender: Male
Race: TBA
Age: 33
Date of Birth: 2380
Rank: Commander
Assignment: Executive Officer, USS Campbell
Physical Characteristics: Pretty muscular but not over-the-top. Black Hair & Eyes, 255 lbs, 6'6".
Personality: Friendly once you get to know him. Likes to flirt with almost any woman, and is usually successful.

Lt. Marguerite Corderi (Vazquez)
Father: Admiral Dominique Corderi
Siblings: None
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Background: His parents were both Starfleet Officers. His father even worked his way up to Admiral. That was the main reason Frank joined Starfleet. He is playful and outgoing but when there is a job to be done he will focus on that. He is also a good dancer and a very good cook. His holoprograms have been known to be some of the best and most realistic in Starfleet.

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