Doctor Frances Stewart

Name: Frances Stewart
Rank: Lieutenant junior grade
Position: Medical Officer USS Enterprise(NCC-1701-C)

Starfleet History
pre 2344: Assigned to USS Enterprise(NCC-1701-C) as Medical Officer

Personal History
Frances Stewart was a member of the medical staff of the Enterprise-C in the mid 24th century. She was on duty when Saavik, in the throes of pon farr, was taken aboard the Enterprise as a patient. Dr. Stewart took charge of Saavik's medical care and was one of the members of the crew sent along in a shuttlecraft to accompany Saavik to Vulcan. The shuttle's departure was delayed and Frances was stuck on the Enterprise-C to care for Saavik. Frances was very disappointed that she was not selected as the Chief Medical Officer of the Enterprise-C as the senior medical officer alive after the ship's arrival in the year 2380.

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