Gul Anon Evek

Name: Anon Evek
Rank: Gul
Position: Commanding Officer CDS Vetar

Personal History
pre 2351: Gul in the Fourth Order
pre 2370: Assigned Commanding Officer CDS Vetar

Personal History
Evek was a renowned Cardassian, both as a soldier and a poet. One of his proudest accomplishments was the courting and marriage of Lycoris, a prominent woman in Cardassian high society. Evek and Lycoris had three sons.

By 2351, Evek was a Gul in the Fourth Order and had become one of the most powerful men in the Cardassian military, and his accomplishments were legendary. To serve on his ship was considered the height of a Cardassian military career. Evek had many allies in the Cardassian Guard, including Dukat, who owed him several favors. As a poet, Evek immortalized some of his own campaigns, leading to the notoriety of some of his subordinates, including his second-in-command Telak, as well as Nextrom and Salim.

Evek's sons followed his footsteps into the Cardassian Guard. Unfortunately, his two eldest were killed in a decisive Starfleet victory over a Cardassian fleet in the Rabroc Nebula near the end of Federation-Cardassian War. Evek immediately requested a reassignment to the Demilitarized Zone.

By 2370, Gul Evek was in command of the Galor-class warship, Vetar, and was assigned to patrol the Federation-Cardassian border. Following the signing of the Federation-Cardassian Treaty of 2370, the Vetar was assigned to the removal of Federation colonists from Cardassian territory in the Demilitarized Zone. Also assigned to the DMZ to monitor the relocation was the USS Enterprise-D.

A new war between the Federation and the Cardassians nearly began when Evek began to remove the Native American colonists on the planet Dorvan V, while the Enterprise was still trying to arrange their relocation, which was unnecessary due to the intervention of Wesley Crusher. Thankfully, bloodshed was avoided when Evek agreed to negotiate the status of the human colonists, and it was agreed they would be allowed to remain within Cardassian territory and live under Cardassian authority.

Tragedy again struck Evek when his third son was killed in a Maquis raid in the Nonas system. The Maquis used a stolen Federation vessel for the attack, and Evek grew bitter toward both the Federation and the Maquis. In the early 2370s, Evek was responsible for taking reports from Seska, an Obsidian Order agent working undercover in the Maquis. He was constantly hoping for information regarding the location of Maquis bases, although the Maquis kept that information very secret. In 2371, Seska tipped Evek off to a massive Maquis raid on the Montee Fass shipyards in the Oliv system. Evek relayed this information to the rest of the Cardassian Guard, and was responsible for many Cardassian forces withdrawing from other areas to ambush the Maquis at Oliv. Evek issued orders to Seska that she should implicate Tuvok, a Federation spy, as the intelligence leak responsible for the failed attack on Montee Fass.

However, the Maquis ships, while leaving the Badlands for Oliv, were damaged by the Badlands curse, and the raid on Montee Fass was called off. Evek was discredited for giving faulty information, an accusation which carried more weight as the Opek Nor mining facility, one of the targets left with impaired defenses from the fleet redeployment, was destroyed by a Maquis raider, the Selva. Wanting revenge against the Maquis, and hoping to lay the blame on Seska's shoulders, Evek took the Vetar into the Badlands in pursuit of the Selva. This action was taken against the protest of Menet, the Obsidian Order agent assigned to the Vetar. The chase ended when the Selva was transported into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker.

After the Selva disappeared, Evek ordered Menet off of his ship, and a full third of Evek's crew went with him. Thankfully, Evek's senior officers, as well as the best technicians aboard the Vetar, stayed.

Evek was contacted by Miles O'Brien from Deep Space 9 concerning an infestation of Cardassian voles on the station. Evek offered little help, sardonically suggesting that a Federation withdrawal from Bajor would solve their vole problems. At the start of the Maquis uprising against the Cardassian rule of the colonies in the Demilitarized Zone, Evek was responsible for capturing and interrogating William Samuels, a Maquis operative who was responsible for the destruction of the freighter Bok'Nor at Deep Space 9. Using the information acquired from Samuels, he confronted Federation colony leaders on Volan III and accused them of participating in an official Starfleet plot to secretly arm the colonists against the Cardassians – while at the same time the Central Command was arming its own citizens in turn.

On stardate 47941.7, The USS Enterprise-D came to the rescue of Evek and his crew when his ship was attacked by several Maquis ships. Evek and Picard exchanged words, each accusing the other of not doing enough to suppress the skirmishes in the Demilitarized Zone. Several months later, Evek arrested Miles O'Brien on charges of sedition against the Cardassian Union by secretly transporting a cargo of photon torpedo warheads aboard his runabout. Evek testified at O'Brien's trial that these warheads were destined for the Maquis, and were evidence of further Federation attempts to arm the rebel colonists against the Cardassians. In reality, the warheads had been planted by Evek's men as part of a Cardassian plot to discredit the Federation's policy in the Demilitarized Zone.

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