Commander Duke Coleman

Name: Duke Coleman
Rank: Commander
Position: First Officer USS Curie
Age: 46

Starfleet History
2351: Enters Starfleet Academy
2357: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2358: Assigned to USS Excalibur as Security Officer
2359: Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade
2361: Promoted to Lieutenant
2363: Reassigned to USS Crockett as Assistant Security Chief
2365: Reassigned to USS Venture as Security Chief
2368: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2370: Named Second Officer
2377: Promoted to Commander and reassigned to USS Planck as First Officer
2380: Reassigned to USS Curie

Personal History
Duke was born in Winterset, IA in the year 2333. At the age of eighteen he left for Starfleet Academy against the wishes of both his parents. He majored in Security with a minor in command hoping to one day command his own ship. His first assignment was on board the Ambassador class USS Excalibur as a junior security officer. It barely took him three years to rise from Ensign to full Lieutenant and in 2363 he was reassigned to the USS Crockett as Assistant Security Chief. His next assignment was on the USS Venture where he served as Security Chief for eleven years doubling as Second Officer for six of those. Duke was promoted in 2377 to be the First Officer of the newly commissioned USS Planck. After the Planck's relaunch was delayed Duke took the First Officer position on the Curie in order to join the mission to the Delta Quadrant.

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