Specs for Deep Space Nine (II)

Commissioned: 2379

Category: Heavy Starbase

Height: 2,000 meters
Diameter: 2,000 meters
Decks: 400 overall; 200 excluding docking pylons

Officers: 300
Enlisted Crew: 2,200
Civilians: 10,500 (at capacity)

Phasers: 66 Type XIII (100,000 TeraWatt each)
Torpedoes: 66 launchers (photon: 5000, quantum: 5000, Transphasic: 1000)

Defensive Systems: shields: FSS-2 hull conformal, regenerative thoron based shielding system (5,737,500 TeraJoules)

Sensors: Two primary arrays (1 upper, 1 lower), Range of 18 Light Years. Each primary array has a back up Secondary array. Range of 12 Light Years. Each array can be set long, medium, or short range.

Tractor Emitters:
Power: 8-15 Gigawatt Multi-phase Graviton Polarity Sources
Field Strength: 480 Millicochranes
Minimum Range: 126 Million tons at 2 Kilometers
Maximum Range: 1 ton at 30.000 Kilometers

Auxiliary Craft:
Starships: 1 permanently assigned, Capable of allowing 48 to dock (24 on Pylon docking ports, 12 on the outer docking ring, 4 repair bays and 8 docking bays (for runabouts, shuttles, and fighters)
Runabouts: 20

Personal Transporters:
Rooms: 6 Standard / 6 Emergency Transporter Rooms, six persons per cycle
Payload: 960 kilograms
Range: 40,000 kilometers
Operations Per Hours: 100 persons per hour, per room

Cargo Transporters:
Rooms: 6 Transporters, 1 per primary cargo bay
Payload: 800 tons
Range: 40,000 kilometers
Operations Per Hours: 100 cycles per hour, per room

Computer Systems:
Core: 6 Type 6, Isolinear Processing Core (Lvls 25 – 31 of Midcore)
Software Version: LCARS 6.2
Storage Capacity: 1018 TeraQuads
Processing Speed: 352,000 ExaFLOPS

Communications Systems:
Short Range: 3,000,000 Kilometers
Long Range: 24 Light-years for Real-Time Transmission
Transmission Capacity: 22.0 kiloquads per second
Transmission Speed: Warp 9.9997
Propulsion: Experimental Impulse Reactor (0.3 Impulse: 167,400 Km/s)

expected duration: 80 years
time between resupply: 6 years
time between refit: 10 years

Notable Locations:
Hub: The Hub serves as the Operations center of the station and is located at the intersection Y and Z rings. It features multiple levels including a centralized briefing table, a dedicated workstation for the Security chief, and multiple other stations. The Captain's office is directly attached.
Memorial Deck: This deck is positioned just above the Li Nalis Park, with visibility of most of the station. This deck has plaques dedicated to all those who died during the Destruction of Deep Space 9 as well as a plinth describing the original station and its origins. A piece of bulkhead from the first station is also on display here.
Li Nalis Park: The 'Park is a large, natural area featuring cultivated woodland, swimming pools, a theatre, and other recreational areas. The park also serves as a component of the station's life support system.
Plaza: The Plaza is the social and shopping center for the station and serves as the Promenade for the new station. Amongst other establishments located here are Quark's Bar, the theatre, and the Replimat.
Hospital: Also known as Sector General, the Hospital is the medical center of Deep Space 9 and is directly beneath the Plaza.
Stockade complex: The stockade complex is the detention facility on Deep Space 9 and is overseen by Constable Odo.

Plaza Facilities:
Amphitheatre (01-005)
Andorian Fast Food (01-754)
Bajoran Consulate (01-501)
Bajoran Customs Office (01-484)
Banzai Institute (01-088)
Bowling Alley (01-854)
Cargo Loading and Transfer (01-106)
Chief Engineer's Office (01-409)
Curry's Martial Arts Training (01-112)
Dock Master's Office (01-843)
Federation Consulate (02-375)
Geological Assay Office (02-487)
Klingon Consulate (02-620)
Import Protocol Office (02-583)
Pancho's Happy Bottom Riding Club (02-111)
Quark's Bar (02-854)
Replimat Café (02-395)
Schoolroom - (03-855)
Spacecraft Resupply (02-992)
Station Operations (03-658)
Subspace Communications (03-584)
Vince's Gym
Vulcan Embassy (03-589)

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