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DS9 is a RPG that takes place in the year 2379 shortly after the events of Nemesis. Project Full Circle, which had been in the planning since shortly after Voyager returned home, is officially formed working with Deep Space Nine as a home base even tho the fleet is in the Delta Quadrant. Meanwhile the station itself has to deal with the Truway threat and the unknown threat in the Gamma Quadrant.

Deep Space Nine Specs Rear Admiral Kira Nerys r-a1.png
USS Enterprise-D Specs Captain Jean-Luc Picard r-o6.png
USS Quirinal Specs Captain Regina Farkas r-o6.png
USS Hawking Specs Captain Saavik r-o6.png
USS Planck Specs Captain Gilaad Ben Zoma r-o6.png
USS Voyager Specs Captain Kathryn Janeway r-o6.png
USS Lexington Specs Captain Derek Rothchild r-o6.png
USS Archer Specs Captain Jonathan Archer y-o6.png
USS Enterprise-E Specs Captain James T Kirk y-o6.png
USS Titan Specs Captain William Riker r-o6.png
USS Odyssey-A Specs Captain TharinJuhl ch'Murst r-o6.png
USS Curie Specs Captain Jack Crusher r-o6.png
USS Enterprise Specs Captain Spock y-o6.png
USS Voyager Specs Captain Tasha Yar r-o6.png
USS Discovery Specs Captain Tom Riker r-o6.png
USS da Vinci Specs Captain Data r-o6.png
USS Esquiline Specs Captain Carlos Carranza r-o6.png
USS Demeter Specs Commander Liam O'Donnell r-o5.png
USS Galen Specs Commander Clarissa Glenn t-o5.png
USS Achilles Specs Commander T'Shanik r-o5.png

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