Lieutenant Aquiel Uhnari

Name: Aquiel Uhnari
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Communications Officer USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E)

Starfleet History
2368: Assigned to Deriben V
2368: Reassigned to Relay Station 47
2369: Reassigned to Starbase 9
2372: Reassigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E) as Chief Communications Officer
2374: Promoted to Lieutenant

Personal History
Her family had lived in the same house, located on a hill, for five generations. Uhnari had one sister, named Shianna, with whom she was very close and told her things she told no one else. She was also still afraid of her father, who punished her frequently in her childhood. She enjoyed reading, but her taste in books was less literary and more sensational in nature. She usually sang the Horath during Batarael back on home, until she missed it for the first time in 2369. Her favorite beverage was Muskan seed punch, especially one like her mother used to make. She recorded letters to them in her personal log. Some time in 2368, she was stationed at Deriben V, where her CO considered her to be argumentative and quick to take offense, so he arranged her transfer. From 2368 to 2369 she served a nine-month tour of duty aboard Relay Station 47. There she had a pet dog named Maura and had some friction with her only other colleague on the station, Keith Rocha. Nobody knew that her colleague was actually a coalescent organism who had taken Rocha's form. Eventually she was assaulted by Rocha, who was apparently murdered; Uhnari went missing and was presumed dead. It was later discovered she had escaped in a shuttlecraft, and was captured by Klingon patrols. While an investigation into the murder of Rocha was conducted, she became romantically involved with Geordi La Forge. It later became clear that the coalescent organism had tried to kill Uhnari, who was able to escape. Following this, the organism absorbed Maura. After things were settled, La Forge offered to help her with getting a post on the USS Enterprise-D, but Uhnari wanted to advance on her own and transferred to Starbase 212 to wait for reassignment.

Aquiel was eventually reassigned to Starbase 9 in 2369. She was visiting Geordi on the Enterprise-D when it was thrown into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker. A little over a year later she was again in the wrong place at the wrong time and had here life turned upside down and she was stuck on the Prometheus when it left her home quantum reality via sliding. After arriving in the Prometheus' home quantum reality she was assigned to the Enterprise-E meeting the double of her ex causing much discomfort between the two at first. It was during the Bak'u crisis that the two were finally able to settle into a relationship.

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