Lieutenant Commander Dosa Andin

Name: Dosa Andin
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Assistant Chief Engineer USS Lexington
Age: 42

Bajoran Militia/Starfleet History
2369: Assigned Rank of 1st Lieutenant in Bajoran Militia and assigned to Deep Space Nine as engineer
2376: Absorbed in Starfleet and assigned rank of Lieutenant
2377: Reassigned to USS Lexington as Assistant Chief Engineer
2379: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

Personal History
Dosa Andin was born in the Hedrikspool Province on Bajor in the year 2337. By the time he was seven both of his parents had been killed by Cardassians and he was fighting with the Resistance as a member of the Ornathia Resistance Cell. At the age of eleven he was part of the attack on Polluck V. He also participated in many other successful attacks that led to the Cardassians withdrawing from Bajor in 2369. While not overly pleased about Starfleet's presence initially he did accept the assignment to Deep Space Nine as an engineer under Chief O'Brien. By the end of the first year he had come to see the Provisional Government's logic behind inviting the Federation to Bajor. When the Federation withdrew from Deep Space Nine during the Dominion War Andin was one of the officers working with Major Kira's resistance to disrupt the Cardassian's routine. Bajor was accepted into the Federation in 2376 and he was one of the Militia officers who was absorbed into Starfleet getting the rank of full Lieutenant. He served on Deep Space Nine for another year before getting reassigned to the Lexington as the Assistant Chief Engineer. By 2379 it was apparent that he would not get offered a Chief Engineer position so Rothchild promoted him to Lieutenant Commander anyways feeling he deserved it.

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