Crew Manifest USS Demeter


Commanding Officer Commander Liam O'Donnell r-o5.png Human/Male
First Officer Lieutenant Commander Damien Sinclair r-o4.png Human/Male
Second Officer/Security Chief Lieutenant Thirel Zh'Rhaarat y-o3.png Andorian/Zhen
Gamma Shift Commanding Officer Lieutenant Paula Coffey r-o3.png Human/Female
Chief Helm Officer Lieutenant Arjo Otiho r-o3.png Bajoran/Female
Assistant Chief Helm Officer Lieutenant Gunhim Vaadis r-o2.png Unjoined Trill/Female
Helm Officer Ensign Angela Bush r-o1.png Human/Female
Helm Officer Ensign Leon Wilkins r-o1.png Human/Male
Security Chief/Second Officer Lieutenant Thirel Zh'Rhaarat y-o3.png Andorian/Zhen
Assistant Security Chief Lieutenant Asyhraor Th'shiahroq y-o3.png Andorian/Thaan
Security Officer Lieutenant Ruzko y-o2.png Saurian/Male
Security Officer Ensign Keineikia Fleming y-o1.png Human/Female
Security Officer Ensign Craig Luna y-o1.png Human/Male
Chief Engineer Lieutenant Garvin Elkins y-o3.png Human/Male
Assistant Chief Engineer Lieutenant Shren Ch'zhaothrerh y-o3.png Andorian/Chan
Engineer Lieutenant Chanita Gilbert y-o3.png Human/Female
Engineer Lieutenant Lloyd McCall y-o2.png Human/Male
Engineer Ensign Tyb Th'vaasroq y-o1.png Andorian/Thaan
Engineer Ensign Jakeline Maxwell y-o1.png Human/Female
Transporter Chief Chief Petty Officer Sakeem Christian y-e7.png Human/Male
Transporter Operator Crewman Xaevan Perry y-e3.png Human/Male
Transporter Operator Crewman Zirasin y-e3.png Bolian/Male
Transporter Operator Crewman Lawrence Whitfield y-e3.png Human/Male
Chief Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Naai t-o3.png Orion/Female
Assistant Chief Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Udonavon Cherry t-o3.png Human/Male
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Kaleem Scott t-o3.png Human/Male
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Harry Huffman t-o2.png Human/Male
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Mizett Poole t-o2.png Human/Female
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Odessa Weaver t-o2.png Human/Female
Head Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Bert Hinton t-o3.png Human/Male
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Joynisha Lee t-o2.png Human/Female
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Victoria Thompson t-o1.png Human/Female
Med Tech Crewman Ronald Bass t-e3.png Human/Male
Med Tech Crewman Lester McGuire t-e3.png Human/Male
Med Tech Crewman Brandon Britt t-e3.png Human/Male
Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Thomas Royce c-o3.png Human/Male
Assistant Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Holly Moses c-o2.png Human/Female
Science Officer Lieutenant Donald Norman c-o2.png Human/Male
Science Officer Ensign Dominique Cook c-o1.png Human/Female
Botanical Specialist Ensign Brill c-o1.png Unknown/Male
Xenobiologist Commander Gina McConnell c-o5.png Human/Female
Geologist Lieutenant Henry Small c-o3.png Human/Male
Archaeology and Anthropology Officer Lieutenant Eugene Logan c-o3.png Human/Male
Botanist Lieutenant Keith Waller c-o2.png Human/Male
Ecologist Ensign Kayla Morgan c-o1.png Human/Female
Biologist Ensign Jeanette Henry c-o1.png Human/Female
Exozoologist Lieutenant Commander T'Prinvun c-o4.png Vulcan/Female
Astrobiologist Lieutenant Commander Genevieve Boyd c-o4.png Human/Female
Airponics Technician Crewman Sukil c-e3.png Vulcan/Female
Exobiologist Commander Alberaneshia Walton c-o5.png Human/Female
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