Lieutenant General Daniel Tergesen

Name: Daniel Tergesen
Rank: Lieutenant General
Position: Head of Fleet Deployment
Age: 63
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Brown

USAF History/Starfleet History
2327: Enters Starfleet Academy
2331: Graduates Air Force Academy
2332: 2nd Lieutenant
2333: Promoted to 1st Lieutenant
2335: Promoted to Captain
2339: Promoted to Major
2342: Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel
2347: Promoted to Colonel
2361: Promoted to Brigadier General
2364: Promoted to Major General
2369: Promoted to Lieutenant General
2372: appointed Acting Head of Starfleet Security
2372: Named Head of Fleet Deployment

Personal History
Daniel Tergesen was born on October 20, 2309 in Illinois, USA and moved to Minnesota at a young age. His father-in-law described him as being an Irishman, confirming that he is of Irish descent. Despite that and several references to his seemingly less than stellar intellect he received an award for Academic Excellence upon his graduation from the Air Force Academy as a Second Lieutenant. Dan had an exemplary career in the US Air Force rising through the ranks to Lieutenant General. He was on a shuttle to visit the Enterprise-K when the shuttle carrying him, Lieutenant Jennifer Sisko and Lieutenant Hansen accidentally entered the Prometheus's wormhole to slide.

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