Lieutenant Commander Damien Sinclair

Name: Damien Sinclair
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: First Officer USS Demeter
Age: 38

Starfleet History
2359: Enters Starfleet Academy
2363: Graduates Starfleet Academy
2364: Assigned to USS Rabin as Science Officer
2366: Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade
2368: Named Assistant Chief Science Officer
2370: Promoted to Lieutenant
2371: Reassigned to USS Bacchus as Chief Science Officer
2374: Reassigned to USS Griffin as Second Officer
2377: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2380: Reassigned to USS Demeter as First Officer

Personal History
Damien Sinclair was born in the year 2341. He is from the Boko-Songho District in the Bouenza Department in the Republic of Congo. He always expressed an interest in science as a young child growing up through high school. At the age of eighteen he left Africa for America most notably San Francisco to attend Starfleet Academy. While at the Academy he majored in general sciences with a minor in command. His first assignment was on board the Akira class USS Rabin. After four years on the Rabin he was named the Assistant Chief Science Officer. In late 2371 he was transferred to the newly launched Intrepid class Bacchus to be the ship's Chief Science Officer. He was again tapped to a brand new class of vessel this time the Griffin class USS Griffin in 2374 this time becoming the ship's Second Officer on top of being the Chief Science Officer. In 2380 Damien was selected by Commander O'Donnell to be the First Officer of the Demeter as part of Project Full Circle.

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