Crew Manifest USS da Vinci


Commanding Officer Captain David Gold r-o6.png Human/Male
First Officer/SCE Team Leader Commander Wesley Crusher y-o5.png Human/Male
Second Officer/Security Chief Commander Domenica Corsi y-o5.png Human/Female
Chief Helm Officer Lieutenant Songmin Wong r-o3.png Human/Male
Assistant Chief Helm Officer Lieutenant Robin Rusconi r-o2.png Human/Female
Helm Officer Lieutenant Martina Barre r-o2.png Human/Female
Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant Susan Haznedl y-o2.png Human/Female
Assistant Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant Saldok y-o2.png Benzite/Male
Operations Officer Lieutenant Alexandre Lambdin y-o2.png Human/Male
Security Chief/Second Officer Commander Domenica Corsi y-o5.png Human/Female
Assistant Security Chief Chief Petty Officer Vance Hawkins y-e7.png Human/Male
Security Officer Crewman Tomozuka Kim y-e3.png Human/Male
Security Officer Crewman Madeline Robins y-e3.png Human/Female
Security Officer Crewman Andrew Angelopoulos y-e3.png Human/Male
Security Officer Crewman Makk Vinx y-e3.png Iotian/Male
Security Officer Crewman Lauoc Soan y-e3.png Bajoran/Male
Chief Tactical Officer Lieutenant Anthony Shabalala y-o3.png Human/Male
Assistant Chief Tactical Officer Lieutenant Joanne Piotrowski y-o3.png Human/Female
Tactical Officer Lieutenant Winn Mara y-o2.png Bajoran/Female
Chief Engineer Lieutenant Nancy Conlon y-o2.png Human/Female
Assistant Chief Engineer Lieutenant Martina Nemeckova y-o2.png Human/Female
Engineer Lieutenant Raimond Lankford y-o2.png Human/Male
Engineer Lieutenant Maxwell Hammett y-o2.png Human/Male
Engineer Petty Officer Cade Bennett y-e5.png Human/Male
Engineer Crewman Christopher Turpin y-e3.png Human/Male
Engineer Crewman Brenda Phelps y-e3.png Human/Female
Engineer Crewman T'Nel y-e3.png Vulcan/Female
Engineer Crewman Lise Irastorza y-e3.png Human/Female
Shuttle Bay Officer Lieutenant Michael McAvennie y-o2.png Human/Male
Shuttle Bay Officer Ensign Craig Humphrey y-o1.png Human/Male
Shuttle Bay Officer Ensign Peter Johnson y-o1.png Human/Male
Transporter Chief Chief Petty Officer Laura Poynter y-e7.png Human/Female
Transporter Operator Crewman Joyce Blackburn y-e3.png Human/Female
Transporter Operator Crewman Jelvys y-e3.png Vulcan/Male
Team Leader Commander Wesley Crusher y-o5.png Human/Male
Deputy Team Leader Lieutenant Daniel Byrd y-o3.png Human/Male
Computer Specialist Crewman Soloman y-e3.png Bynar/Male
Cultural Specialist Crewman Carol Abramowitz t-e3.png Human/Female
Language & Cryptography Specialist Crewman Bart Faulwell t-e3.png Human/Male
Structural Systems Specialist Crewman P8Blue y-e3.png Nasat/Female
Tactical Systems Specialist Crewman Fabian Stevens y-e3.png Human/Male
Chief Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Sarjenka t-o2.png Dreman/Female
Head Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Sandy Wetzel t-o2.png Human/Female
Med Tech Ensign Dantas Falcão t-o1.png Human/Male
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