Crew Manifest USS da Vinci


Commanding Officer Captain Data r-o6.png Android/Male
First Officer/SCE Team Leader Commander Sonya Gomez y-o5.png Human/Male
Second Officer/Deputy SCE Team Leader Lieutenant Commander Wesley Crusher y-o4.png Human/Male
Gamma Shift Commanding Officer Lieutenant Alice Waters r-o3.png Human/Female
Chief Helm Officer Lieutenant Songmin Wong r-o3.png Human/Male
Assistant Chief Helm Officer Lieutenant Robin Rusconi r-o3.png Human/Female
Helm Officer Lieutenant Martina Barre r-o2.png Human/Female
Helm Officer Ensign Kos Ch'ithethroq r-o1.png Andorian/Chan
Helm Officer Ensign Cheryl Goodman r-o1.png Human/Female
Helm Officer Ensign Jeanette Dixon r-o1.png Human/Female
Helm Officer Ensign Allen Warren r-o1.png Human/Male
Helm Officer Ensign Oju r-o1.png Saurian/Male
Shuttle Pilot Lieutenant Perry Farrell r-o2.png Human/Male
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Dawn Murphy r-o1.png Human/Female
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Alexander Greer r-o1.png Human/Male
Shuttle Pilot Ensign Irjash Diw r-o1.png Bajoran/Male
Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant Susan Haznedl y-o3.png Human/Male
Assistant Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant Saldok y-o2.png Vulcan/Male
Operations Officer Lieutenant Alexandre Lambdin y-o2.png Human/Male
Operations Officer Lieutenant Anita Baxter y-o2.png Human/Female
Operations Officer Ensign Myrtle Simmons y-o1.png Human/Female
Operations Officer Ensign Wanda Simpson y-o1.png Human/Female
Operations Officer Ensign Thell y-o1.png Bolian/Male
Operations Officer Ensign Shane Dixon y-o1.png Human/Male
Security Chief Lieutenant Commander Domenica Corsi y-o4.png Human/Male
Assistant Security Chief Lieutenant Harvey Brennan y-o3.png Human/Male
Security Officer Lieutenant Winn Mara y-o2.png Bajoran/Female
Security Officer Lieutenant Hattie Norman y-o2.png Human/Female
Security Officer Ensign Izavon Zh'shaathes y-o1.png Andorian/Zhen
Security Officer Ensign Cerzor Lenam y-o1.png Joined Trill/Male
Security Officer Ensign Peggy Ray y-o1.png Human/Female
Security Officer Ensign Rose Myers y-o1.png Human/Female
Security Officer Ensign Clifford West y-o1.png Human/Male
Security Officer Ensign Darlene Neal y-o1.png Human/Female
Security Officer Crewman Makk Vinx y-e3.png Iotian/Male
Security Officer Crewman Lauoc Soan y-e3.png Bajoran/Male
Chief Communications Officer Lieutenant Chris Hayden c-o3.png Human/Male
Assistant Chief Communications Officer Lieutenant Felicia Cherry c-o3.png Human/Female
Communications Officer Lieutenant Derrick Armstrong c-o3.png Human/Male
Communications Officer Lieutenant Tilud Grel c-o2.png Joined Trill/Male
Communications Officer Lieutenant Victoria Curtis c-o2.png Human/Female
Communications Officer Ensign Valerie Cline c-o1.png Human/Female
Communications Officer Ensign Ellis Keller c-o1.png Human/Male
Communications Officer Ensign Kaitlin Knowles c-o1.png Human/Female
Chief Engineer Lieutenant Nancy Conlon y-o2.png Human/Female
Assistant Chief Engineer Lieutenant Martina Nemeckova y-o2.png Human/Female
Engineer Lieutenant Raimond Lankford y-o2.png Human/Male
Engineer Lieutenant Maxwell Hammett y-o2.png Human/Male
Engineer Ensign T'Lekar y-o1.png Vulcan/Female
Engineer Ensign Lacey Lewis y-o1.png Human/Female
Engineer Ensign Roy Whitfield y-o1.png Human/Male
Engineer Ensign Laath y-o1.png Vulcan/Female
Engineer Crewman Christopher Turpin y-e3.png Human/Male
Engineer Crewman Kiabud Mear y-e3.png Unjoined Trill/Male
Engineer Crewman T'Nel y-e3.png Vulcan/Female
Engineer Crewman Lise Irastorza y-e3.png Human/Female
Shuttle Bay Officer Lieutenant Simon Gosteli y-o2.png Human/Male
Shuttle Bay Officer Ensign Vince Wägeli y-o1.png Human/Male
Shuttle Bay Officer Ensign Peter Johnson y-o1.png Human/Male
Shuttle Bay Officer Ensign Struvik y-o1.png Vulcan/Male
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Chief Petty Officer Josiah Shaw y-e7.png Human/Male
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Petty Officer Laal y-e4.png Vulcan/Female
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Tami Knight y-e3.png Human/Female
Shuttle Bay Maintenance and Support Crewman Clayton Myers y-e3.png Human/Male
Transporter Chief Chief Petty Officer Laura Poynter y-e7.png Human/Female
Transporter Operator Crewman Jamaad Henderson y-e3.png Human/Male
Transporter Operator Crewman Otin Th'rhytran y-e3.png Andorian/Thaan
Transporter Operator Crewman Yasutake Mutsohito y-e3.png Human/Male
Transporter Operator Crewman Graigon y-e3.png Bolian/Male
Transporter Operator Crewman James Teheran y-e3.png Human/Male
Team Leader/First Officer Commander Sonya Gomez y-o5.png Human/Male
Deputy Team Leader/Second Officer Lieutenant Commander Wesley Crusher y-o4.png Human/Male
SCE Team Member Lieutenant Bianca Larkin y-o3.png Human/Female
SCE Team Member Lieutenant Danny Byrd y-o3.png Human/Male
SCE Team Member Lieutenant Trenton Gallagher y-o2.png Human/Male
SCE Team Member Lieutenant Skatt y-o2.png Vulcan/Male
SCE Team Member Lieutenant Tivaa Sh'kaollith y-o2.png Andorian/Shen
SCE Team Member Ensign Trevor Park y-o1.png Human/Male
Warp Theorist Lieutenant Cige Rorrix y-o3.png Unjoined Trill/Male
Language & Cryptography Specialist Chief Petty Officer Bart Faulwell y-e7.png Human/Male
Computer Specialist Crewman Soloman y-e3.png Bynar/Male
Cultural Specialist Crewman Carol Abramowitz t-e3.png Human/Female
Structural Systems Specialist Crewman P8Blue y-e3.png Nasat/Female
Tactical Systems Specialist Crewman Fabian Stevens y-e3.png Human/Male
Chief Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Sarjenka t-o2.png Dreman/Female
Assistant Chief Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Michelle Preston t-o2.png Human/Female
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Clifford West t-o2.png Human/Male
Medical Officer Doctor(Lieutenant) Nyr t-o2.png Vulcan/Male
Head Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Sandy Wetzel t-o2.png Human/Female
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Huzriam Deegaud t-o2.png Unjoined Trill/Female
Nurse Nurse(Lieutenant) Jack McCullough t-o2.png Human/Male
Nurse Nurse(Ensign) Vu t-o2.png Vulcan/Female
Med Tech Ensign Dantas Falcão t-o1.png Human/Male
Med Tech Crewman Opozo Sh'rhihless t-e3.png Andorian/Shen
Med Tech Crewman Jennifer Barr t-e3.png Human/Female
Med Tech Crewman Lance Higgins t-e3.png Human/Male
Chief Science Officer/Second Officer Lieutenant Commander Tyrone Robinson c-o4.png Human/Male
Assistant Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Eugene Booker c-o3.png Human/Male
Science Officer Lieutenant Manuel Morin c-o3.png Human/Male
Science Officer Lieutenant Chelsea Albert c-o2.png Human/Female
Science Officer Lieutenant Leo Miles c-o2.png Human/Male
Science Officer Lieutenant Sonak c-o2.png Vulcan/Male
Science Officer Ensign Joanne English c-o1.png Human/Female
Science Officer Ensign Willie Burks c-o1.png Human/Male
Quantum Mechanics Lieutenant Commander T'Kukkak c-o4.png Vulcan/Male
Subspace Mechanics Commander Nicole Calderon c-o5.png Human/Female
Plasma/High Energy Physicist Lieutenant Commander Craig Kane c-o3.png Human/Male
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